Redeeming Points

For current AAA Member Rewards Visa® cardholders, reward yourself with cash, gift cards, travel, and more!


Redeem points as a statement credit to your credit card account starting at 5,000 points.


Air travel with no black-out restrictions starting at 2,500 points.

Gift Cards

Beginning at 3,500 points, select from a wide variety of popular retailers, restaurants, and entertainment.

AAA Vouchers*

Beginning at 5,000 points, use on AAA purchases like a family vacation, luggage, and more.

Stretch Your Member Reward Points 

*When you redeem for AAA Vouchers, your points can go further!

Redemption Choice (points)5,0007,50010,00020,00025,00050,000
AAA Voucher$60$120$250$700
Redemption Choice (points)CashAAA Voucher
5000 Points$50$60
7,500 Points$75
10,000 Points$100$120
20,000 Points$200$250
25,000 Points$250
50,000 Points$500$700

Start Redeeming Your Points Today

To review and redeem your Member Rewards Points for AAA Travel and more, log on to Online Banking. There you can view and manage all of your points, and choose how to redeem them. Questions? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-807-3068.

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