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Can AAA change or install a battery?

For vehicles that won’t start, AAA road service technicians may provide certain battery services, such as testing the battery or the vehicle's starting and charging systems, attempting to jump-start the battery, or replacing it if it is old or under warranty. If you have a AAA battery that is under warranty, the replacement battery is free. If you do not have a AAA battery, the technician can still replace it on the spot [with a AAA battery purchased from the technician]. You are responsible for the cost of the battery and any possible additional labor.

What options do I have for battery issues with AAA?

Two types of services are offered to AAA members who have battery issues. The first is a simple jump start to get you back on the road quickly. Alternatively, a battery service technician may be sent to your vehicle. The battery service technician can test the vehicle's battery and starting and charging systems. If your battery fails the test, they can replace your battery. Battery technicians carry batteries for most vehicles in their trucks.

If a jump-start does not work, you also have the option to have the vehicle towed.

For more information regarding battery services provided by AAA, you can contact AAA Emergency Road Service® associates at 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What kind of AAA Battery Warranty does AAA offer?

For vehicles that will not start, AAA road service technicians may provide certain battery services, such as testing the battery or the vehicle’s starting and charging systems, or attempting to jump-start the battery. If it is your battery, they can replace it for you on the spot. The costs to you would be for the battery itself, and possibly additional labor.

All AAA batteries comes with a 3-year free replacement warranty.

Transferable warranties: If vehicle ownership is transferred to another AAA Member, the battery warranty will transfer. The battery warranty will not transfer if the battery is moved to another vehicle or the vehicle’s ownership is transferred to a non-AAA Member.

What more could I ask?

"The battery in my old 2005 vehicle was dead, so I called AAA for help. A technician arrived a few minutes earlier than I expected and quickly analyzed the problem and then he explained it to me so that I could understand. I am 95 years old and know nothing about cars.

 He handled the problem carefully and efficiently. My car is running great now. Thank you."

—Vanda K., AAA Member, Chico, California

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*Certain restrictions apply. Valid Membership card required. AAA batteries may not be available for all vehicle makes and models. Mobile battery replacement is not available in all areas. Member pays for battery. Some battery installations may require additional fees. For full Membership terms & conditions, view AAA Terms & Conditions. For AAA battery warranties, view limited warranty.