Car & Driving Tips

Experts share advice on all things related to your car: from how and when to buy or lease a new or used car to how to manage car repairs and scheduled maintenance. Stay updated on car seat laws, learn the basics like how to change a tire, and get practical tips for driving safely and smartly.

A man rides a shared bike on a protected bike lane in New York City.

How to Safely and Legally Share the Road with Cyclists

Drivers need to be especially cautious around cyclists. Here’s how best to share the road.
a young man in a brand-new car holding keys

First Timers’ Guide to Buying a Car

The beginner’s guide to buying a car with three easy-to-follow steps.
close up of man's hand holding cap of power steeling fluid reservoir tank in car service shop

Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

The heat of the season is tough on vehicles. A little prep can help you steer clear of trouble.
A couple rides their e-bikes on a tree-lined bike path.

How to Safely Ride and Charge E-bikes

Electric bikes come with risks: here’s how to rent and ride with confidence.
A family sits in the hatchback of their blue electric SUV

What to Consider When Buying a Used EV

These are the most important things to look for when shopping.
a young woman calling for help from the side of the road with her car's hood open

4 Most Common Roadside Emergencies — And How to Avoid Them

The most common roadside emergencies are also the easiest to avoid if you drive prepared.
A couple sit in a new car in a dealership.

4 Tips for Buying a Car in 2024

Don’t be caught off guard while searching for your next car.
A person stands on an electric scooter in white sneakers.

How to Safely Ride an Electric Scooter

Here’s what you need to know when renting or buying an e-scooter.
SUV parked on the side of a snowy road.

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Snow and ice can be challenging so preparation is key.
A driver installs a dash cam behind their rear view mirror.

Should You Use a Dash Cam?

Plus how to choose the right one for you.
2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Nightshade on a tree-lined road.

The 10 Best Used Cars for 2024

These AAA-ranked models are hitting the market now.
A couple shop for a car in a car dealership.

5 Tips to Negotiate the Best Car Price

Get a favorable deal on a new or used car despite the current shortage.
A driver charges his electric Kia at an Electrify America charging station.

4 New Trends That Make EVs Even More Enticing

Here’s what is ahead in the electric car market.
Push to start button on a new car.

Do You Really Need to Warm Up Your Car?

As the weather changes, it may be time to rethink this habit.