Car & Driving Tips

Experts share advice on all things related to your car: from how and when to buy or lease a new or used car to how to manage car repairs and scheduled maintenance. Stay updated on car seat laws, learn the basics like how to change a tire, and get practical tips for driving safely and smartly.

A family and their dog are buckled up inside an SUV.

Make Your Car Feel New Again

Revitalize your ride with these tips.
A Rivian truck drives off-road in the desert.

What to Expect When Off-Roading in an EV

With a bit of planning you can take your electric vehicle on dirt roads and trails.
A young girl in pink rides her bike to school.

How to Avoid Pedestrian and Bike Collisions When Driving

A few guidelines can help drivers stay tuned to the traffic on foot and on bicycles.
A mechanic inspects a new tire before installing it on an SUV.

When to Replace Tires and How to Buy New Ones

Learn how to choose the best tires and save money on your purchase.
Teen in the drivers seat of a red car.

How to Prepare Teen Drivers

Parents can help teenagers stay safe on the road by following a few guidelines.
A couple hug in front of a powder blue older American car.

How to Maintain an Older Vehicle

Dramatic odometer flips are milestones, but they also mean your vehicle requires some extra TLC.
man filling white car with fuel.

5 Ways to Save Money on Car Expenses

Owning a vehicle is convenient, but costs add up. Follow these simple tips to keep expenses down.
A car drives on a rural road under a 30 mph speed limit sign.

No, It's Not Okay to Drive 5 MPH Over the Speed Limit

Speeding is just as deadly as drunk driving.
A woman looks at a mobile driver's license on her phone.

Mobile Driver’s Licenses Are Coming

Digital IDs are being adopted in Arizona, Utah, California, and elsewhere in the West.
A cell phone and a cup of coffee sit on top of a car dashboard.

Reduce Car Clutter for a Safe Ride

Help make your ride cleaner—and safer—with these organizing tips.
A driver jacks up their SUV to install a spare tire.

What You Need to Know About Your Car's Spare Tire

Get answers to common spare tire questions, from how far you can drive to how to maintain it.
Red Tesla Model 3 driving with carpool stickers on the bumper.

How to Remove a Bumper Sticker

An expert provides steps for removing adhesives from your car.
A claims adjuster takes picture of a damaged car.

What to do if Your Car has Flood Damage

And why insurance is so essential.
Pedestrians cross the street in a painted crosswalk

The Roads of the Future

Cities across the West are paving the way for safer streets for everyone.