A AAA Member renews her AAA Membership online

Renew AAA Membership

Renew your AAA Membership today and keep the benefits coming.

Almost time for your AAA Membership renewal? Whether this is your first year with AAA or your fiftieth, we want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of everything your Membership has to offer. Here are just some of the ways to enjoy the value of AAA.

How do I enroll in automatic renewal?

AAA Membership renewal will ensure you maintain all these great benefits and more. To make sure you never miss a day of coverage, you can also enroll in Automatic Renewal (which includes a bonus one-time discount of $10 off your annual Membership dues).

For more information on how to renew AAA Membership benefits, visit your local AAA office or call our Membership Service Center at 800-922-8228.

Renew Membership

Roadside Service

Stay protected from life’s “gotcha” moments, like flat tires and dead car batteries. AAA Membership renewal ensures continued access to AAA Roadside Assistance, which includes:

  • Towing
  • Car battery service
  • Locksmith service
  • Flat tire service
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Discounts on car repairs

When you’re ready for your AAA renewal, you can also choose to upgrade to the next level of Membership to increase your free towing miles and locksmith reimbursement.

A AAA Member uses AAA discounts to save while shopping

AAA Discounts & Rewards

Every level of AAA Membership includes savings on movie tickets, theme parks, car rentals, gas, hotel bookings, and so much more. Don’t miss out on thousands of worldwide AAA discounts.

an exotic vacation destination booked with AAA Travel

Travel Booking and Passport Photos

Not only does AAA help you save on your vacation plans, but we can help you book them too. Use our online travel tool or talk to one of our complimentary AAA Travel Agents over the phone. They’ll help you plan the perfect getaway at no extra cost to you. 

In addition to helping you arrange your dream vacation, AAA can also help you update your passport photo at your local branch. Plus, we’ll provide all the resources and instructions you need to make your passport application process a little easier. 

a AAA member signs DMV forms for a notary at the AAA office

DMV and Notary Services

Did you know you can skip the trip to the DMV and visit AAA instead? Take care of common DMV services, including registration renewal. And while the DMV doesn’t accept credit cards, AAA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  

AAA also offers quick and convenient notary services with special discounts for Members. Book an appointment at any AAA branch to take care of many of your notary needs, including affidavits, powers of attorney, and financial agreements. 

A mother with AAA Identity Champion uses technology at home with her son

Free Identity Theft Monitoring

Credit monitoring, email alerts, and more with AAA Identity Champion—it’s all included with your AAA Membership. For increased peace of mind, upgrade your coverage with reimbursement and insurance for stolen funds for as little as $10.95 a month.

a AAA Member and his son play with a car on the floor

Benefits for the Family

When completing your AAA Membership renewal, you may want to add a member of your household—or even students going to school away from home—to your account. Whether they drive or not, they will have all the same great benefits as you, including roadside service no matter whose car they’re in, for as little as $30 a year. Visit your local AAA branch and ask how to add a family member to your plan, or sign in to your AAA account to add them online.