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Our team can help you find ways to save on mobile home insurance. Ask your insurance agent if you qualify for any coverage discounts. Mobile home insurance discounts vary by carrier, but common ones include:

Multi-Policy Discount

Get a price break when you buy your mobile home and auto insurance policies from the same carrier.

Firewise Discount

Insured mobile homes part of the Firewise USA program (available in select communities) might be eligible for a discount.

Claims-Free History Discount

If you haven’t filed a claim for a specified length of time, such as three years, some carriers offer a coverage discount. Conditions vary by carrier.

Age of Home Discount

Newer homes usually have fewer problems—and fewer claims—and may qualify for an insurance discount.

Mobile home insurance is very similar to a standard homeowners policy. An agent can walk you through your options so you get the coverage that fits your needs and budget. Coverage varies by carrier, but types of coverage for manufactured and mobile homes can include:

Dwelling Coverage

Helps pay to rebuild or repair your mobile home if it gets damaged

Other Structures

Helps pay for repairs to structures, like a shed or fence, on your property 

Personal Property

Helps pay to repair or replace personal belongings like furniture and electronics

Loss of Use

Helps pay for living expenses while your mobile home is being repaired after a loss

Liability Coverage

Helps pay medical and legal bills if you are liable for property damage or injury

Optional Coverages

Provide extra protection in case of earthquake, flood, and water backup and sump overflow


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How much is mobile home insurance?

The average cost of mobile home insurance varies greatly. Premiums can range from around $300 to $1,000 or more per year. Your cost will depend on factors like your mobile home’s value, age, and location.

Can you get homeowners insurance on a mobile home?

No, standard homeowners insurance is not meant for mobile homes. Since mobile homes are moveable and more susceptible to the elements, they require their own type of insurance. Mobile home policies offer the same coverages as a standard home policy and are designed specifically to protect mobile homes.

What types of mobile homes are covered by mobile home insurance?

Mobile home insurance covers both mobile homes and manufactured homes. Exclusions may apply and depend on carrier.

What's the difference between mobile and manufactured homes?

The terms “mobile home” and “manufactured home” are often used interchangeably, but they have specific meanings. Before 1976, when a new federal law mandated stricter safety standards for their construction, these movable homes were called “mobile homes.” Beginning in 1976, they became known as manufactured homes.

Is insurance required for manufactured and mobile homes?

Mobile home insurance is not required by law. If you have a mortgage or live in a mobile home community, however, your lender or community may require that you buy a policy. You should also consider buying mobile home insurance if you can’t afford to replace your home and belongings after a major loss.

What is the oldest mobile home that can be insured?

While some carriers don’t cover older mobile homes, others do. Mobile homes built before 1976 are more difficult to insure due to a lack of manufacturing standards at the time. Newer manufactured or mobile homes are more likely to qualify for coverage.

Does mobile home insurance come with flood and earthquake coverage?

No, flood and earthquake insurance are both optional coverages. You will need to purchase them separately.

What information do I need to get a mobile home quote?

Make sure you know the value and age of your mobile home and what personal belongings (personal property) you want to insure. You should also think about deductible options and any extra coverages you may want to purchase, such as flood insurance. 

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