Now taking appointments for online car seat inspections in Northern California.

Book your appointment online by visiting the webpage for your local AAA branch and clicking on "Schedule an Appointment."

a happy toddler sits in a car seat inspected and installed by a AAA child passenger safety technician

Child Passenger Safety

We're driven to help.

We’re committed to teaching caregivers how to keep their youngest passengers safe on the road.

Seat belts and child safety seats are the most effective way to protect children against serious injuries and deaths in motor vehicle crashes. 

AAA supports families by offering resources and information to help.

Did You Know?

Child safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers, but only 1 in 4 car seats are installed correctly.

Our educational video will show you 6 common child passenger safety mistakes in 90 seconds. 

Did You Know?

One common mistake caregivers make is transitioning children out of a booster seat too soon. In fact, 1/3 of children prematurely transition to an adult seat belt. To maximize your child's safety, keep them in their proper car seat as long as possible.

Using the correct car seat decreases the risk of injury in a crash by up to 82%, when compared to seat belt use alone.

What to Expect During Your Online Inspection

  • Click on your Google Meet link at your scheduled appointment time. (Pro tip: Download the Google Meet app before your appointment.)
  • We'll check to see if the car seat has been recalled.
  • We'll ensure you're using the correct seat based on the age, weight, and height of your child.
  • We'll work with you to practice the correct installation and use of your car seat.

How to prepare for your car seat inspection.

  • Provide any required information to your car seat technician prior to your appointment.
  • Review your car seat and vehicle owner's manuals and try installing your car seat yourself.
  • Find a quiet area with limited distractions and reliable connectivity.
  • Make sure your vehicle is parked on a level surface and have your car seat and all accessories that came in the car seat's box available.
  • Have another adult available to operate the camera, or find another solution, so your hands are available to work with your car seat.
  • If a child won't be present for the inspection, consider bringing a stuffed animal or baby doll so we can show you how to harness properly.

an illustration of a child in a car seat

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Practical tips to keep kids safe in cars.

AAA Online Car Seat Inspections

Waiver & Release Agreement 

I understand and agree that the sole purpose of this program is to help reduce the incidence of the improper installation of child restraints; that this inspection is being provided as a free educational service to me; that this program cannot fully evaluate the quality, safety or condition of the child restraint, the child restraint provided (if any) or any component of my vehicle, including the seats or safety belts; and that this program cannot guarantee my child's safety in a vehicle collision. I understand that a properly used child restraint can significantly reduce fatal injury and that it is important to read both the vehicle and child restraint instruction manuals. For these reasons, and on behalf of myself and the named child, I hereby release AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah and its affiliates and subsidiaries and any other program participants and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively "AAA") from any present or future liability for any consequences, losses, property damage or physical injuries, foreseen or unforeseen, and caused or not caused by negligence, that may result from the use of the child restraint, a vehicle collision, and/or arising out of or in connection with the child passenger safety inspection program.