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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions regarding my bill?

For any questions regarding a bill, please call member support at (800) 669-7779.

How do I pay my bill online?

Please visit here and create an account using your member number and invoiced amount. You can find your member number on the top right corner of your invoice.

Can I update my call list online?

Please log into your account and click “my contact list” to update and change all contacts.

My cameras are not working. What should I do?

If you have replaced your router, or have changed your Wi-Fi network settings, you will need to re-connect the camera or doorbell camera to your network. In the A3 Smart Home app, select Troubleshoot for the camera that is not working, and follow the instructions. For more detailed instructions click here

Can I arm and disarm my AAA Smart Home Security system remotely?

Depending on your level of service, you can remotely manage your system through our mobile app. To find out if this is included in your service plan, log into your account and look at your account settings. You can upgrade to include this feature by calling member support at (800) 669-7779.

What should I do in the event of a false alarm?

Simply use your alarm code to silence the alarm, then call AAA Smart Home Security dispatch line (800) 669-7779 and use your unique password to cancel the dispatch.

Why is my keypad showing “comm fail?”

You will see this trouble condition when your system is unable to send a signal to us. If you have recently switched to a digital phone line through a cable company or other provider, please contact member support to see how we can help upgrade your equipment and services at (800) 669-7779.

Can my pet set off my alarm?

Most motion detectors installed are pet immune. But persistent false alarms may require a visit from one of our Smart Home Pros to further troubleshoot. Please contact member support at (800) 669-7779.

How do I change my four-digit security code?

This depends on what system you have. To learn how to change your security code, please refer to your system’s user guide. If you have additional questions, please contact member support at (800) 669-7779.

My system’s fire panel is beeping. What should I do?

Push the silence button on the fire panel and hold it down for three seconds. Next, push the acknowledge (ACK) button for three seconds. If the beeping continues, you may require service. Please call (800) 669-7779 to speak with an agent.

How can I add additional services to my existing system?

Please contact member support to see how we can help upgrade your equipment and services at (800) 669-7779.

Will my alarm system still work if I lose power?

Yes. In the event of a power outage, the back-up battery will activate and operate your alarm system for several hours. If your system battery is or becomes low, a low-battery signal will be sent to AAA Smart Home Security monitoring center. Your system will also show a “low battery” indication (e.g., LOW BATT or BATT) on the keypad or frequently beep.

How can I schedule service?

If you would like one of AAA Smart Home Security's technicians to come out and service your system, please call (800) 669-7779.

Can I change the battery in my system?

Yes. Please call Member Experience at (800) 669-7779 and we will assist you.

Can I get new stickers and signs?

If you need new stickers or signs, please email member support at [email protected].

What should I do if my smoke detectors are chirping?

AAA Smart Home Security smoke detectors do not chirp; they communicate directly with our central station. If yours is beeping, you most likely have a store bought battery-powered smoke detector, or a smoke detector that was installed to meet local code requirements in need of a fresh battery (usually 9-volt). An AAA Smart Home Security smoke detector will indicate a low battery at the keypad.

How do I set my alarm?

Each individual system has its own alarm setting sequence. To learn how to set the alarm installed in your home, please refer to your system’s user guide. If you have additional questions, please contact member support at (800) 669-7779.

I am moving soon. Can I take my security system with me?

Thank you for being a loyal AAA Smart Home Security member and trusting us to keep your new home safe. Call our client services department at (800) 669-7779 to have one of our security experts help you transition to a new location and discuss any special moving offers.

Why doesn’t my phone work when my alarm goes off?

If you do not have cellular monitoring, your alarm system may communicate through your phone lines. When the system is tripped, it will seize the line for five to 30 seconds to dial our central station. Do not keep trying to dial out manually. Wait approximately one minute to give the system time to communicate. The more zones tripped, the longer the process.

Can I move a sensor?

Moving or modifying equipment is not recommended, however if you would like to relocate a wireless sensor, please contact us on (800) 669-7779.

How can I cancel my account?

Please email our Member Experience team at [email protected]. One of our Member Experience team members will contact you back as soon as possible.

My security system panel is beeping. What should I do?

Take note of what trouble condition is displayed at the keypad and refer to your system’s user guide. If you don't find the user guide you're looking for, or if you have additional questions, please contact New Client Services member support at (800) 669-7779. Depending on your level of service, you can also remotely silence your system through our mobile app.

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