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Save $10 on Membership when enrolled in Automatic Renewal, and save up to $45 per new family member added to your plan.*

*Restrictions apply

Choose from 3 levels of Membership:

Choose from 3 levels of Membership:

For the adventurers
For the day trippers
For the local commuters
Roadside benefits8
Miles of standard towing

Your car can be towed to the nearest repair shop or gas station within the tow mileage in your plan.

RV and motorcycle towing

Get towing and roadside assistance for RVs, motorcycles, scooters, and most common trailers.

One-day car rental included with tow

Get a one-day, no-cost car rental during a qualifying tow. Fuel and maintenance costs not included.

$50 toward windshield repair or replacement

Get one reimbursement (up to $50) per Membership, per year toward windshield repair.

Locksmith reimbursement

If we are unable to unlock your car, reimbursement is provided for a locksmith. Premier also includes home lockout reimbursement.

Emergency fuel delivery

Fuel is supplied to get you to the nearest gas station. Delivery is included in all plans. Cost of fuel is covered with Premier and Plus.

Fuel cost includedFuel cost includedFuel cost not included
AAA Battery service

We'll come test and jumpstart your battery. A new AAA battery (save up to $25) can also be bought and installed on the spot.

Bicycle towing

Towing for bikes is also included, with the same mileage range in your selected plan.

Travel benefits6
Emergency Medical Transportation coverage is worldwide

Get up to $25,000 in emergency medical transportation coverage while traveling.

Worldwide travel accident insurance

Coverage up to $300,000 in the event of serious accident when travel is booked through AAA.

Trip Interruption and Baggage coverage are within the U.S., Mexico and Canada

Reimbursement for eligible expenses if your trip is disrupted by weather, car breakdowns, illness, or other unexpected events.

Up to $1500Up to $750
Lost baggage coverage

Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage during an eligible trip will be reimbursed.

Up to $500Up to $250
DMV, passport photos, and notary services in AAA branches

Save time with select DMV assistance, passport photos, and notary services at your local AAA branch. Services vary by state.

Vacation planning help from our travel experts

Get help planning your next trip and receive exclusive benefits on vacation packages, cruises, and tours.

Other Member benefits2
Identity theft monitoring from AAA ProtectMyID

Help protect your personal information by activating no-cost, 24/7 monitoring when you join.

Discounts on movie tickets, hotels, car repairs and more

Members save an average of $170/year on hotels, car rentals, movie tickets, AAA insurance, car repairs, and more.

Frequent Questions About AAA Membership

What’s the difference in AAA Memberships — Premier, Plus, and Classic?

AAA offers three basic types of Membership, ranging in price from $64.99 to $124.99 per year. Some benefits vary, but all Memberships include 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, DMV/MVD services**, trip planning by travel experts, and discounts at 80,000+ hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

AAA Premier: $124.99/yr

  • 200-mile tow (once per year), 100-mile tows 3 times per year
  • RV and motorcycle towing
  • Emergency fuel delivery (fuel cost included)
  • $150 locksmith reimbursement (car and home)
  • One-day car rental included with tow
  • $50 windshield repair reimbursement
  • Up to $1,500 in worldwide trip interruption coverage
  • Up to $500 in worldwide lost baggage coverage
  • Up to $25,000 in emergency medical transport coverage

AAA Plus: $99.99/yr

  • 100-mile tows, 4 times per year
  • Emergency fuel delivery (fuel cost included)
  • $100 locksmith reimbursement (car only)
  • Up to $750 in worldwide trip interruption coverage
  • Up to $250 in worldwide lost baggage coverage

AAA Classic: $64.99/yr

  • 5-mile tows, 4 times per year
  • Emergency fuel delivery (fuel cost not included)
  • $50 locksmith reimbursement (car only)

Want a detailed comparison of our plans?  See this chart

**Motor vehicle services vary by state.

Does my AAA Membership cover my whole family?

No. Your AAA Membership covers you in any car, whether you’re the driver or the passenger, but it’s not transferable to someone else. However, you can add up to 8 people—family members or others in your household—anytime!

The price for adding family members varies by your Membership plan and where you live:

California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah:

  • Premier: $84.99/year per additional member
  • Plus: $64.99/year per additional member
  • Classic: $44.99/year per additional member

Montana, Wyoming, Alaska:

  • Premier: $44.99/year per additional member
  • Plus: $44.99/year per additional member
  • Classic: $44.99/year per additional member

Which AAA Membership covers my RV and/or motorcycle?

It depends on where you live! Check the coverage in your state below.

Arizona: You can add RV and/or motorcycle coverage to your AAA Plus Membership. Choose either AAA Plus Motorcycle (for a motorcycle only) or AAA Plus RV & Motorcycle (for an RV with or without a motorcycle) for 100 miles of towing. This optional coverage is available for an additional yearly fee.

Utah: AAA Plus Membership includes RV and Motorcycle for 100 miles of towing. Or sign up for AAA Premier Membership, which includes 200 miles of towing per year for one tow (including motorcycles and RVs), as well as up to another 100 miles of towing service for any remaining tows.

California, Nevada, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming: Your AAA Premier Membership covers RVs and motorcycles. You get 200 miles of towing per year for one tow (including motorcycles and RVs), as well as up to another 100 miles of towing service for 3 remaining tows.

How many cars does my AAA Membership cover? Is there a limit?

Your AAA Membership—Premier, Classic, or Plus—covers you in anyone's vehicle, whether you are the driver or a passenger, as long as that type of vehicle is included in your Membership.

The only limit: Your Membership does not cover any car you’re not actually traveling in, even if it’s yours. Only you can use your AAA card.

When will I get my AAA Membership card?

AAA Membership cards are delivered by mail and typically arrive 7–10 business days after you purchase a Membership.

As a Member, you also have the option to use your online account to print a temporary one or download the AAA Mobile App to show your digital card.

How many times a year can I use AAA roadside assistance?

AAA Membership provides each Member up to an aggregate of four (4) total Emergency Road Services per Membership year.

Can I use AAA Roadside Assistance immediately?

AAA Emergency Roadside Service benefits are available 48 hours after you first purchase your Membership. However, you can pay a $75 fee to waive the waiting period and get help right away. If your vehicle requires towing right away, towing is limited to five miles. After the first five miles, a per-mile fee (that varies by location) will apply.

Terms and Conditions

*Offer ends 8/31/24. Limited one-time discount of $45 off cost of new Associate Premier Membership, $35 off cost of Associate Plus Membership, or $25 off cost of Associate Classic Membership in CA, UT, NV, AZ. Offer not valid in WY, MT, and AK. Membership is prorated for the remainder of Primary Member’s current membership term when enrolled in Automatic Renewal. Full price for Associated Memberships charged upon renewal of primary Membership. Offer valid only for new Associate Membership(s); current Associate Members or past Associate Members who were enrolled within the last ninety (90) days are ineligible. Max 8 Associate Members (up to 1 spouse and 7 dependents) per account. Restrictions and conditions apply to promotion and Membership. See for promotional details and /membership/terms-and-conditions for Membership terms and conditions.