Skip the Line at Your AAA Branch

Secure a future appointment or put yourself in line virtually using the new Branch Scheduler Tool.

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, the Branch Scheduler Tool was not yet available in Montana.

Members might join AAA for its reliable Emergency Road Service, but they often stay for the time-saving services offered at branches—especially DMV matters. Now it’s even faster to obtain a title transfer, license renewal, name change, and more DMV essentials—as well as find assistance with AAA services—using the Branch Scheduler Tool.

Available for Members and prospective Members, the Branch Scheduler Tool makes it easy to set up future appointments, join the line virtually, and view the wait time at a specific branch location. Members can still opt for a walk-in, as usual, and join the line on a first come, first served basis. Members can also schedule virtual car seat inspection appointments at more than 30 branches.

Start by finding your local branch using this search tool. Click on the desired branch and look for the “Schedule Appointment” text in red. Click “Schedule Appointment” and fill out the form with your first and last name and phone number. From there, you can select from multiple services including DMV, an insurance policy quote, Smart Home consultation, and purchasing a new AAA Membership. Please note: Scheduling a DMV service requires an active AAA Membership.