Travel Agent Spotlight - Maureen Zeljak

What Maureen loves most about her job as a AAA Travel Agent is how rewarding it is. She has helped her clients plan their momentous vacations such as that last big trip as a family before the oldest one goes off to college, or a client who was 81 years old visit the tiny city in southern France where his parents were born, and also helped travelers who don't use email, computers or mobiles phones, and would have otherwise been left behind by the travel industry, continue to travel.  

Regardless of whether you live in her area, we hope you will take time to connect with Maureen and consider booking your next vacation with her!

Maureen Zeljak

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 408-725-4328

AAA Branch Location: San Jose, CA

Specializations: Family Ancestry / Heritage Trips

How long have you worked in the Travel industry? 

"I'm fairly new to the leisure travel industry, just joined AAA in June of 2018.  Prior to that, I did Corporate Events and Travel for software companies in Silicon Valley. I was very fortunate that my long tech career afforded a lot of world travel."

What is your most memorable travel experience? 

"It's hard to choose my most memorable trip — but one of my favorites was a trip to Tuscany a few years back for one of those especially 'big' birthdays.  The villa that I rented was so lovely and special. Funny story:  It first caught my eye because it was called 'L'Olmo' and my brain kept reading that as 'The Old Mo' and I figured 'Perfect!'.  But, it truly was. "

What is your favorite travel destination? What insider tip can you share about that destination that may help our readers outsmart their travels?

"My new favorite destination is New Zealand.  One tip is to incorporate more internal air travel into the plan to optimize your time at destinations.  Leverage Air New Zealand to convert an 8 hour drive into a one-hour flight. It's scenic, easy and not very expensive. "

Where will you go for your next vacation?

"My husband and I have put down the deposit on a wonderful Alaskan Rail vacation for our 20th wedding anniversary next July.  We'll fly into Fairbanks, take the train all over Alaska, stay at a remote lodge 85 miles down the Denali Park Road.  We'll go flightseeing over glaciers and icefalls. We scheduled a day cruise around the Kenai Fjords. I've set it up so that every single transfer is taken care of.  Steve and I can just sit back, relax and enjoy the views. "

Why should people go to you for their travel planning? What are the benefits to booking with you versus online?

"I'll be your advocate from start to finish ready to jump in if you need me. Not only am I well-informed on a wide variety of travel destinations, but I’ve visited many of them myself.  I’m passionate about travel and have a wealth of valuable travel tips."

What are the steps to planning the perfect vacation for your clients?

"The most important thing is to listen and ask the right questions to make sure you have a clear understanding of what's most important to them. Try to not insert your own opinions about budget and priorities into the planning process unless the customer welcomes that.  Listening and good communication are key to delivering a perfect trip. "