Cassandra "Tonie” Parks

AAA Member Experience Team Lead
Pinole, California

In 1989, I was a single parent looking to transition my career from nursing to a field that provided a more structured work- life balance. I spoke to a friend who worked for AAA inquiring about employment. She always spoke highly of AAA and the many opportunities the organization provided for its employees. This is what sparked my interest in becoming a part of the AAA team.

I stayed at AAA because taking care of our Members aligned with my sense of service to my patients and my family. I am thankful for the opportunity to improve my life and touch the lives of our Members each day. The ongoing professional development and supportive leadership allow me to continue my growth and journey as a proud AAA Team Member. As a leader, I pride myself on working effectively with others, bringing my unselfish best to enhance the efforts of the group and the success of the Club.

Diversity to me means being able to listen, be open to people with different characteristics that make them unique.

2013: Sales & Service Supervisor

2000: Sales & Service Generalist

1993: Team Lead

1989: Touring Counselor