Edna McGuire

Manager, Member Service Center, Sales and Service
Salt Lake City, Utah

I joined AAA in 2015 when our Member Service Center consisted of one floor and was under construction. The Member Service Center eventually evolved to having a sales floor which includes Insurance, Membership, and Travel. After I completed training, ​ I took calls as a call receiver, interacted with our Members, dispatched, engaged with our tow truck shops, spent time in training with new classes, and interviewed our future teams. Whatever was needed to get the Member Service Center going, we did. I was so grateful to learn from so many talented people and watch our Member Service Center grow. ​ It was a great foundation for the development of our people! Having a sales background, I knew this was where I wanted to be. AAA gave me the opportunity to learn from the ground up and I knew that I could impact many lives through my passion to develop people.Our Members are the reason we work every day and AAA allowed me to share my passion of how we respond and incorporate our values to what we do each day.

Diversity and inclusion to me is the ability to combine our talents, backgrounds, and perspectives to achieve a common goal. Diversity and Inclusion means respecting each other and listening to thoughts and ideas with respect and honesty. ​ It is leading by example and working together as one and being present each and every day. It is thinking with your head and heart to achieve our goals.

2018: Manager, Sales & service

2016: Membership Supervisor

2015: Call Receiver Supervisor