Isabel Guadarrama Barcelos

Insurance Agent
Merced, California

I was raised in the Central Valley Region of California all through the 80's, 90's and into the present, settling in Merced County. I grew up only speaking in Spanish as it was my first language. I was torn almost like a tug of war trying to adopt my American culture and intertwining it with my Mexican Culture. At home I was expected to live with my Mexican heritage ways, although as an adolescent young adult I was exercising my day to day way of American culture life too. I enjoyed both so what can I say it's... been the best of both worlds! One huge opportunity & I took it!! ​ ​

In 2011, I was welcomed into my position a Sales & Marketing Associate, I believe this opportunity was offered because of the ability to speak Spanish & English. AAA saw my enthusiasm to serve this town; this community and I truly felt confident that AAA would recognize my strengths as I moved forward. ​

I am thankful that I realized early on as a young adult the benefit I possessed of having both of my cultures close to my heart and able to use my Spanish at work. I see these benefits incorporated every day here at AAA to communicate best with our Members. ​

AAA has empowered me to reach goals. I want to make our Members feel important, heard and taken care of. Customer service is truly tied with compassion for others, selfless acts and putting others first. My worth is recognized here with AAA and I am having fun doing what feels good for my soul. I feel supported, encouraged and guided into perhaps something greater.

2015: Insurance Agent

2013: Licensed Sales Associate

2011: Sales & Marketing Associate