Michael Honeycutt

Manager, Analytics
Walnut Creek, California

I joined AAA in September 2011 as an Accounts Receivable Manager responsible for stabilizing the accounting operation for Membership that was managed through an outsourced partner. I was eager to join AAA because of the long-standing history of its brand, and because I love the challenge of enabling technology and designing processes that maximize operational efficiency.

Since joining the AAA family, I’ve been presented with many opportunities to contribute to the success of the organization. I have also been able to develop my skills through training and practical work experiences. It is for these reasons that I enjoy being a AAA Team Member.

What does Diversity mean to me? Diversity means inclusion to me. I believe that my individual development and professional accomplishments have been propelled by the diverse experiences I’ve had in life as a result of inclusion. Being a part of something greater than myself, and taking the time to understand another’s perspective by viewing the world through their lens has given me an opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. For these reasons, I’m excited about the continued emphasis AAA places on Diversity and Inclusion.

2017: Analytics Manager

2012: Manager, Order to Cash

2011: Accounts Receivable Manager