NOTICE: AAA branches are maintaining limited services; we are unable to process MVD services at this time.

AAA Vehicle Title and Registration Fees and Services 

Skip the lines: Take care of many MVD tasks at your local AAA office.

Find out which services are offered at Arizona AAA offices as well as associated Motor Vehicle Division fees and convenience fees.

Convenience fees are charged in addition to ADOT/MVD fees. Convenience fees are waived for current AAA Members.

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MVD FeeNon-Member Convenience FeeAAA Member Convenience Fee
Titles and Registrations
Registration RenewalVaries$18.00No Fee
Arizona Title Only Transfer$4.00$20.00No Fee
Arizona Title and Registration TransferVaries$36.00No Fee
Initial Arizona Title Only$4.00$24.00No Fee
Initial Arizona Title and RegistrationVaries$38.00No Fee
Initial Arizona Registration OnlyVaries$38.00No Fee
Duplicate Title$4.00$16.00No Fee
Change Owners/Legal Status$4.00$16.00No Fee
Add/Remove LiensVaries$38.00No Fee
Change Brand Title Only*$4.00$16.00No Fee
Change Brand Title and Registration*$4.00$22.00No Fee
Registration RenewalVaries$38.00No Fee
Plates and Permits
Order Personalized PlateVaries$22.00No Fee
Order Special PlateVaries$22.00No Fee
Issue Special PlateVaries$16.00No Fee
Issue Disability Plate/PlacardNo Fee$10.00No Fee
Replacement Tab/Plate$5.00$12.00No Fee
Transfer PlateVaries$14.00No Fee
Order Credit Plate RefundNo Fee$10.00No Fee
Issue 3-Day Permit$1.00$10.00No Fee
Issue 30-Day/90-Day Permit$15.00$20.00No Fee
Certified 5-year Motor Vehicle Record$5.00$10.00No Fee
Non-Certified 3-year Motor Vehicle Record$3.00$6.00No Fee
Sold NoticeNo Fee$6.00No Fee
Non-Use CertificateNo Fee$6.00No Fee
De-Insure CertificateNo Fee$6.00No Fee
Add/Change AddressNo Fee$6.00No Fee
Miscellaneous Vehicle Reinstatement*Varies$50.00No Fee
Level 1 Vehicle InspectionNo Fee$20.00No Fee
Arizona Serial Number$5.00$30.00No Fee

Some fees vary depending on vehicle type.