AAA Battery Service

From testing to charging or replacement, AAA Auto Repair has your car battery needs covered.

When the unexpected happens with your battery, AAA is there to get you back on the road safely. Bring your car (or your battery) to one of these convenient AAA Auto Repair shops for replacement, charging, and testing of your battery and charging system.

Why choose AAA?

  • AAA batteries are specially designed to withstand any climate.
  • AAA batteries are backed by a six-year warranty with three years of FREE replacement.
  • AAA members save a minimum of $25 on battery price.
  • AAA batteries are eco-friendly and of highest quality.

Looking For AAA Auto Repair Centers Near You...

Mobile Battery Service

Can't get to a repair shop? We’ll send a technician to test and even your failed battery on the spot for a special Members-only price.

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