Bicycle Roadside Assistance

AAA Membership includes towing for your bike in case you find yourself with a flat or broken chain.

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that can be disabled by flat tires and traffic mishaps. The good news: Whether you’re traveling on four wheels or two, AAA has you covered. All AAA Membership plans include Bicycle Roadside Assistance as part of AAA Emergency Road Service at no additional cost to you.

What is AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance?

Whether your bicycle has a flat tire or a broken chain, or gets damaged in a collision (vehicle or pot hole), AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance will come to the rescue 24/7, 365 days a year. AAA will transport you and your disabled bike to a safe location as quickly and comfortably as possible, towing up to 200 miles, depending on your Membership’s level of coverage. You don’t even need to sign up separately: Bicycle Roadside Assistance is included in your AAA Membership.

Why do you need Bicycle Roadside Assistance?

Traveling, touring, and commuting by bicycle are more popular than ever, perhaps because cycling is great exercise, saves money on gas and parking, and goes easy on the environment. Across the U.S., people take more than 9 million bicycle trips every day. That’s a lot of potential flat tires!

In a recent study, five of the top 25 U.S. cities with the most cyclists are in Northern California. California also ranks fourth among states in popularity for commuting by bicycle. The California State Transportation Authority aimed to triple the number of people traveling by bicycle by 2020 by investing millions of dollars on programs that increase safety and accessibility for riders. Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming have also created programs to protect and improve infrastructure for bicycling in their states.

As cycling for commuting and for pleasure becomes even more popular, bicycle safety is more important than ever.  You can rely on AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance for help getting you and your damaged bike to a location of your choice.

What doesn’t AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance cover?

AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance does not repair your disabled bike. It also doesn’t cover bicycle storage, breaking or cutting locks on a bicycle you’re unable to access, reimbursement for an impounded bicycle, or off-road service in areas not safely passable by an emergency assistance vehicle. It also does not cover transportation due to rider fatigue.

AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance does assist you roadside by transporting you to a repair shop, your home, or another safe location—the first step toward getting you and your bike back on the road.