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How to Save Energy with a Smart Home

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How to Save Energy with a Smart Home

Regulate Temperature with Smart Thermostats

From sweltering heat in the summer to long, cold nights in the winter, keeping a home at a comfortable temperature all year round is a priority for many homeowners. However, maintaining the right temperature often means running your HVAC unit day and night, even when you're not home, leading to mounting costs with marginal benefits.

A smart thermostat is an alternative to a traditional thermostat that gives you enhanced control, even when away from the house. With app-operated features that can allow for on-the-go adjustments, you can minimize energy use while maximizing comfort.

Many smart thermostats utilize sensors to determine room temperature and match usage to your personal preferences. This makes it easier to manage the use of your heating and cooling system in an automated way, providing smart home energy savings each month.

Buy a Smart Plug

Plugs are commonly used to keep homes connected, but they can be a large drain on energy. Turning power strips on and off when entering and exiting a room is a chore few people bother with, which results in leaving electronics plugged in around the clock and using power unnecessarily. Even electronics that offer standby mode options, like televisions and computers, are still pulling power and driving steep energy bills.

Smart plugs are among the most popular energy saving gadgets for the home, making it easy to control the flow of power to electronics that are not in use. Instead of continuing to feed electricity to all electronic devices, regardless of functionality, smart plugs automatically stop the flow of power to devices that are in standby mode.

With AAA Smart Home plugs, you can keep your phone charger from sapping energy all night and even dim your favorite lamp with your smartphone. This allows homeowners to manage power usage in an effortless way, and save money without taking any additional action.

Utilize Smart Lighting

How often do you forget to turn the light off after leaving a room? If you're like most Americans, you might do this occasionally. Light fixtures seem fairly benign, but they can use a lot of electricity if left on when not in use, especially when you have a whole house full of lamps that are illuminating empty spaces.

Instead of allowing your light fixtures to cost you cash, consider investing in smart lighting instead. Smart lights come in many different forms, from fixtures that can be dimmed from your phone, to those that can be controlled remotely when you're away from home.

Other smart lights can change colors to alter the mood in your living space, or work on a motion sensor system to automatically turn the lights off when a room appears to be empty. Which solution is most effective depends on your unique needs, but when used properly, smart lighting can keep your home well-lit without burning your budget.

Smart home accessories come in many different shapes and sizes, offering ways to keep your home safe, secure and, in the case of electronics, eco-friendly and cost efficient. With additions like smart lighting, smart power strips and smart thermostats, you can easily reap the benefits of smart home energy savings.

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