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To get the most out of your AAA Smart Home camera, consider using video analytics to set up automated motion detection, recording and notifications that help you keep your home as safe and secure as possible.

What Are Home Security Video Analytics?

Video analytics can use real-time insights to provide you with crucial video alerts and updates including when someone is delivering a package, knocking on your door, walking by your home and everything in between.

This responsive security feature can monitor your property and lets you stay in the loop with alerts at your discretion.

You can customize features and the level of monitoring you'd like with video analytics, and you can have more control of your home when you use them.

Instead of being alerted when every leaf flies by or dog walks through your yard, you can set up and customize your home's video analytics to alert you within specific parameters.

It's up to you how to use this video analytics feature, which is customizable, so you can get the level of security and awareness that best suits you.

Video analytics can also filter alerts and categorize videos for you so you don't have to watch a lengthy file if you're trying to search a specific time frame or when the mail gets delivered. It can do the thinking for you.

Using this advanced feature can give you a new level of monitoring including telling the difference between a human, an animal or car so you won't get pinged and alerted constantly when there's activity.

You can even set analytics to only alert you when someone has been standing at your door for a certain amount of time to know if it's just someone dropping off a package, or a person who's possibly interested in what's inside the home and hanging out on your doorstep a little too long.

In your analytics preferences you can have complete control of the settings, to alert you only when activity happens that you care about.

Why Should I Use Video Analytics?

Using your home security video analytics feature with your cameras can allow you to have a helpful level of control and safety.

It can be distracting to get updated constantly by alerts caused by any motion in or outside your home, so setting up video analytics can help you take more control and only see what you want to...because no one wants to watch 8 hours of footage after they get home from a long day at the office.

Using video analytics also helps organize footage and alerts for you in a way that's easy to find and save for later too.

Complete control and peace of mind are the main reasons you should use video analytics.

What Should I Use Video Analytics For?

Since you can stream video in real-time using analytics, you can be effortlessly be in the know whenever you wish, and not have to come home to any surprises. Especially if you live near a busy street or high traffic area, using video analytics can help simplify the alerts you receive.

If you're worried if an expensive package has been delivered, you can know right when it arrives. If you want to make sure your kids get in the door safe while you're still at work, you can get notified when they do. And in the instance of any suspicious activity, you can be the first to know (and see) what's going on.

This innovative technology available through AAA Smart Home can easily classify objects and distinguish between people, animals or vehicles, as well as know the direction they are heading and length of time they are in the designated area.

Video analytics can also allow you to monitor what's happening inside the home, including what the pets are up to when you're away, and if your kids and family are on their best behavior.

How Do I Set Up And Adjust My Video Analytics Settings?

Once you get your home security system set up and cameras installed where you desire, you can access your video analytics using the AAA Smart Home app and visit your settings.

Here, you can make sure your cameras are on and operating properly, select a camera and start to choose the exact areas you want to be monitored and alerted by.

In video settings you can select recording schedules and begin to set up virtual trip wires for areas inside and outside of your home, that can alert you only in areas that matter most.

You can also select various recipients to be alerted via text with the video clip sent to you directly when there's any action in the areas you've selected.

For more on setting up your video analytics please visit our FAQ page or Help Center.

Keep Your Family & Home Safe With Video Analytics

Video analytics is an amazing artificial intelligence safety feature that can allow you to take control of your home and keep your environment safe.

If you've recently moved and are looking to secure your new home, you're a new parent wanting to better protect your child, or you've recently had an alarming incident and want to make sure you're protected moving forward, AAA Smart Home might be just what you need.

To learn more about AAA Smart Home and how video analytics can keep your family safe, call 866-957-1340 or complete this form for a free quote.

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