Tips for Using AAA TripTik

  • Creating New Trips: Set a starting and ending point (A & B). To add a stop, click the + symbol below lines A and B. To reorder the items, drag to the left of the address. Once you have your map itinerary the way you want it, click "Start Trip."
  • Saved Trips: Access past trips by signing into your AAA account. Click the menu located at the top left corner of the screen of your TripTik, and then click "Saved Trips & Saved Places."
  • To Preview or Print : Click the printer icon located on the right of the trip duration. Make your selections and click "Create Print Version." A PDF preview will be generated for you to print from your computer.
  • Share, Save, Clear, Download Route: From your computer, to send a PDF of your route to someone else, click the Share icon to the right of the trip duration, then click Share By Email at the bottom of the box.

  • Printing Issues: Are you using Adobe Reader or a different PDF reader? Solution: Enable Adobe Acrobat Reader or
  • If you are unable to print or see the print dialog box, ensure you disable the firewall and try again.
  • The print dialog box uses JavaScript, which is blocked by older versions of Norton Firewall.
  • Is Internet Explorer using compatibility view? Turn off compatibility view in Tools menu.
  • In Firefox, allow site pop-ups for