Travel Agent Spotlight - Marco Ruiz

What Marco loves most about his job as a AAA Travel Agent is helping his clients make their dreams come true.

Regardless of whether you live in his area, we hope you will take time to connect with Marco and consider booking your next vacation with him!

Marco Ruiz

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 831-645-1904

AAA Branch Location: Monterey, CA

Specializations: Europe, Asia, and Africa

How long have you worked in the Travel industry?
"28 Years."

What is your most memorable travel experience?
"A trip to Turkey with a ride on a Hot Air Balloon in Capaddocia."

What is your favorite travel destination?

What insider tip can you share about that destination that may help our readers outsmart their travels?
"Always book skip the line tickets for all attractions."

Where will you go for your next vacation?

Why should people go to you for their travel planning?
"Because I will plan their trip with the same passion I would have for my own trips."

What are the benefits to booking with you versus online?
"My expertise of having been to their destination already or the excellent training I've received on the destinations I haven't been to."

What are the steps to planning the perfect vacation for your clients?
"To listen clearly about their expectations and make them an active part of the planning."