Ruby Bridges Walk to school

Keep the dialogue
moving forward.

The Ruby Bridges Walk to School
Day is Tuesday, Nov. 14th.

Community built through unity.

At the heart of the AAA mission: helping give our Members and their communities the confidence to keep living life confidently. Which is why we’re always so very proud to partner with the Ruby Bridges Foundation to support a day of dialogue through the annual Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day—scheduled this year on Tuesday, November 14th.

Started by a class of AAA School Safety Patrollers after learning about Ruby’s brave, history-making walk to school in 1960, this student-led initiative empowers children to make positive changes by encouraging them to come together—to listen, learn, and ultimately, champion one another.

Last November, AAA Team Members joined students, parents, teachers and fellow advocates across the country in a collective pledge to continue to help build greater community through unity, participating in our annual walk. Through our collective efforts, we hope to continue to inspire the nation to help make the world a better place—for everyone.

We invite you to walk with us on November 14th, and keep the dialogue going.