Ruby Bridges Walk to school

Keep the dialogue
moving forward.

The Ruby Bridges Walk to School
Day returns November 2023.

We walked to
make a difference:

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Community built through unity.

At the heart of the AAA mission: helping give our Members and their communities the confidence to keep living life confidently. Which is why we’re always so very proud to partner with the Ruby Bridges Foundation to support a day of dialogue through the annual Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day—scheduled each year in mid-November.

Started by a class of AAA School Safety Patrollers after learning about Ruby’s brave, history-making walk to school in 1960, this student-led initiative empowers children to make positive changes by encouraging them to come together—to listen, learn, and ultimately, champion one another.

This past November, AAA Team Members joined students, parents, teachers and fellow advocates across the country in a collective pledge to continue to help build greater community through unity, participating in our annual walk. Through our collective efforts, we hope to continue to inspire the nation to help make the world a better place—for everyone.

For the upcoming event in November 2023, AAA will once again make available grants, discussion guides and materials (while supplies last), and other resources for schools, communities, organizations, and families who sign-up to participate.

Until then, keep the dialogue going.

Our involvement at AAA.

AAA continues to be at the forefront of encouraging everyone to stand up and stand behind school safety and inclusiveness for all. Alongside such great organizations as the Ruby Bridges Foundation, we work with community and civic leaders throughout our Club’s geo-footprint to inspire greater involvement on a number of different fronts.

As it relates to the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, we were part of the effort to have the California State Senate pass the resolution to establish this special day each year, which was unanimously approved in September 2021. Plus we have worked (and continue to do so) with many cities and communities to also proclaim it a day to honor and dialogue. To learn more about our century of service to school safety and the Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day program, we invite you to click here.

Learn more about Ruby Bridges.

Six year old Ruby Bridges stepped into the history books in 1960 when she integrated William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, becoming a national icon for the civil rights movement. 

Today her story continues to inspire the next generation of leaders to end racism together—One step at a time.

Learn more about Ruby Bridges by visiting the Ruby Bridges Foundation or

Creating safer schools.

For over 100 years, the AAA School Safety Patrol program has worked to create safe schools empowered by student leaders. This peer-to-peer program provides life-saving measures for pedestrian safety, while also teaching lifelong values in leadership, responsibility, and volunteerism among the students, schools, and communities who participate.

Learn more about the AAA School Safety Patrol program and other free educational resources available to schools and communities.