Keys sitting in the grass while a Member waits for AAA Car Locksmith Service

AAA Car Lockout Service

Need assistance right now?

Did you lock your keys in the car? Whoops..

Luckily, AAA Roadside Assistance offers 24-hour car lockout service.

A roadside technician will unlock your vehicle, and if they can’t, your car can be towed or you can hire a locksmith and request reimbursement. Coverage and towing mileage is determined by Membership level. Also, depending on your Membership level, locksmith reimbursement may be available if you lock yourself out of your house.

How do AAA Roadside Assistance Membership benefits differ?

While many of the Member benefits are the same, these roadside services change based on Membership plan:

Classic Membership
Plus Membership
Premier Membership
Miles of standard towing
RV and motorcycle towing
Emergency fuel at no additional cost
Locksmith reimbursement
$50 (car only)
$100 (car only)
$150 (car and home)

Mobile App

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Request AAA car lockout service online, 24 hours a day. Member sign in required.

Can AAA unlock my house?

AAA does not provide locksmith services; however, AAA Premier Members are covered for up to $150 in locksmith reimbursement expenses to help unlock your home or vehicle.*

*AAA Premier Members are also entitled to Home Lockout Service, which is available only for the residence on file for the primary AAA Premier Member and applies only to locks that provide access into and out of that residence. AAA does not reimburse for Home Lockout Service to change locks for any reason other than lost keys, including domestic disputes and security concerns.