Teen Smart Driving Program and AAA Auto Insurance

Learn more about the Teen Smart driving program and how you can save on auto insurance for your teen through AAA.

Teen drivers tend to have more accidents than experienced motorists, leaving many parents nervous about letting them motor off on their own.

But there’s good news: Teens can develop good driving habits that keep them significantly safer on the road. Young drivers who complete the teenSMART driving program lower their risk of a car crash by an average of 28%. They also have 50% fewer bodily injury claims than teens who don’t participate in the program. And even one year after they complete the teenSMART program, young drivers have between 54% and 67% fewer traffic violations. 

Learn how just a few hours of instruction can help your teen steer clear of trouble on the road. 

What is the teenSMART program? 

Driver education and defensive driving courses teach the basics, like how to obey the rules of the road—but they don’t reduce crashes or save lives. 

The teenSMART program is different. It addresses key factors that cause more than 90% of teen auto crashes. Harnessing behavioral science research, teenSMART helps teens improve the critical skills they need to stay safe behind the wheel, such as visual awareness, hazard detection, and risk perception. They learn to judge safe gaps in traffic, pinpoint signs of trouble on the road, be aware of peer pressure, and more.

How does teenSMART work? 

The teenSMART program has three core elements:

  • Interactive, computer-based driving simulations.
  • Parent-teen activities including driving sessions in the car (either a parent or another licensed driver who is 25 or older can help). 
  • A certification test at the end of the training.

The computer-based training—which is divided into bite-sized, 20-minute modules—takes about four hours, and the entire program takes six to eight hours. Teens complete teenSMART using their own computer and vehicle all at their own pace. 

What discounts does AAA offer?

Young drivers who complete teenSMART don’t just become safer drivers, they also get up to a 24% discount on their AAA Auto Insurance in Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming, and up to a 20% discount in California. Now that’s a win-win!

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