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Car Insurance Learning Center

Find car insurance articles to help you understand the many coverage options and choose the best for your budget. Read auto insurance tips, definitions, and interesting facts.

Yellow deer crossing sign with foggy mountains visible in the distance

Is Animal Damage to Your Car Covered by Insurance?

You just got into a collision with a large member of nature. Now what?

Small red car with AAA auto insurance coverage driving on a country road

Get the Facts on Car Insurance Myths

Get the real facts on common car insurance beliefs.

Car covered by AAA car insurance driving on a redwood-lined road in California

California Car Insurance

Learn the basics about California's car insurance requirements.

gifts piled in the trunk of a car

Are Gifts Stolen From My Car Covered?

Find out which policies cover your stolen property claim.

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Is Pay-Per-Mile Insurance a Good Deal?

Get honest advice on whether your driving suits these policies.

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What Are Some Ways I Can Save on Car Insurance?

Ask your AAA Insurance agent if you're eligible for cash-saving discounts.


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