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a teenager at the wheel of a car insured by AAA

Can I save on car insurance if I have a teen driver at home?

Teen drivers with a GPA of 3.0 or higher my be eligible for a Good Student discount from AAA.

a college student studies on campus

Can college-age drivers save on car insurance?

A Distant Student discount from AAA may help families save on their insurance bill.

a couple gets the key to a new car

What should I know about insuring a new car?

You'll want to make sure you're covered before you drive off the lot.

A woman with AAA Auto Insurance puts her savings in a piggy bank

How can I save on my car insurance?

Get an insider's look at some of the auto insurance discounts available from AAA.

the odometer on a car insured by AAA

Should I get pay-per-mile auto insurance?

You've seen the ads for pay-per-mile car insurance. Is it really a good deal?

a son talks to his aging father about driving safely

How do I talk to my parents about their driving?

From new car technology to senior driving classes, there are lots of ways to help aging drivers be safer on the road.

Trunk of a car full of wrapped presents

Does my insurance cover holiday gifts stolen from my car?

Learn how bundling your homeowners or renters insurance with your auto policy can protect you if your car is broken into.

cars lined up at a dealership

Does the type of car I drive affect my insurance rate?

The short answer: yes. Learn how the price tag, safety features, and performance of your vehicle can impact your rates.


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