Wyoming Auto Insurance Laws, Regulations, and Learners Permit

Get answers to popular questions about driving in Wyoming.

If you're caught driving without auto insurance coverage in Wyoming, you could face a fine—or even time in prison.


From Yellowstone to the Tetons to your favorite local brewpub, Wyoming has loads to offer. But before you jump behind the wheel and take off exploring, make sure you know the state’s rules and regulations.

What are average Wyoming car insurance rates?

In Wyoming, the average car insurance rate is $128 per month or $1,541 per year. But you’re unique, and your car insurance quote will be too. Your specific premium will end up depending on factors like which policy you choose, its deductible, what kind of car you drive, as well as your driving record.

What are Wyoming’s car insurance laws and regulations?

Wyoming drivers must have auto liability insurance at all times. If you’re caught without coverage, you could face a fine—or even six months of prison time. If you’re caught a second time, your registration and license plates could be revoked.

What are Wyoming minimum car insurance requirements?

In Wyoming, it’s illegal to drive unprotected. You are required to have the following minimum car insurance coverage:

Bodily Injury Liability coverage (for injuries you cause to other people)

  • $25,000 of coverage for the death or injury of any individual

  • $50,000 total coverage for the death or injury of two or more people in a single accident

Property Damage Liability coverage (for damage to someone else’s property)

  • $20,000 of coverage for damage if you hit someone else’s car or property

Is there a new car insurance grace period in Wyoming?

Possibly. Wyoming leaves that up to your insurer, so ask an agent about your insurance company’s grace period.

My teenager just got a learner’s permit. Is insurance necessary?

Bravo to your teenager! You don’t need coverage for your young driver until he or she gets a license, but it’s a good idea to talk to someone at your insurance company about its policy regarding drivers with learner’s permits.

How old do you have to be to get a Wyoming learner’s permit and driver’s license?

Teenagers can get a permit or license at the following ages:

  • Age 14: Restricted learner’s permit (if the teen has a hardship)

  • Age 15: Learner’s permit

  • Age 16: Graduated driver’s license, also called an intermediate permit

  • Age 16½: Driver’s license

How can my teenager get a Wyoming driver’s license?

Youngsters aiming for a learner’s permit must pass a written exam and a vision screening. Sixteen-year-olds can get a graduated driver’s license by:

  • Completing 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving

  • Passing a driving test

  • Passing another vision screening

After holding a graduated license for six months, or at age 17, they can apply for a full driver’s license.

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