Buying Auto Insurance in San Francisco

What drivers need to know before buying car insurance in San Francisco.

The average San Franciscan spends 64 minutes a day commuting to and from work.

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Despite being known as an extremely walkable city, San Francisco has a lot of drivers. Whether commuting to work or road-tripping to wine country, Tahoe, or other parts of the Bay, San Franciscans rely on their cars to get them where they need to go. 

Wherever you roam, car insurance in San Francisco is essential to protecting your vehicle, and yourself, in case of any mishaps on the open road or dings in the city. As you shop for auto insurance, take into consideration California’s minimum coverage requirements and compare quotes before choosing an insurance provider. 

San Francisco auto insurance requirements

Every state has its own auto insurance coverage requirements. In California, drivers are required to carry at least the following:

Keep in mind, these are just the minimum requirements in California, and you can always choose to increase your coverage amounts or include additional optional coverage—such as uninsured motorist coverage—to beef up your policy.

What are the average car insurance rates in San Francisco?

Various factors can affect car insurance rates in San Francisco, such as location and driving history. The average annual car insurance cost in San Francisco is $2,257. This is more expensive compared to the state's average of $1,868 and the national average of $1,548.

San Francisco driving statistics

Highway congestion is a way of life in the Bay Area, which had the fifth worst traffic congestion in the world before the pandemic, according to the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard. The average San Franciscan spends 64 minutes a day commuting to and from work, according to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (all the better to catch up on your favorite podcasts).

And with crowded highways and freeways, accidents happen. There are 800 to 900 crashes in the Bay Area every week, which result in more than 400 fatalities and 1,500 serious injuries every year.

AAA Car Insurance discounts for San Francisco residents

In San Francisco, you may qualify for some sweet discounts on auto insurance. Your AAA insurance agent can help you navigate options to find exceptional coverage while saving you money. 

Check out some of the AAA Auto Insurance discounts available for drivers in San Francisco:

  • 5% AAA Membership discount.

  • Up to 15.7% discount when you insure multiple cars on your policy.

  • Up to 12.7% discount when bundled with homeowners insurance.

  • Up to 7.5% discount when bundled with renters/condo insurance.

  • Up to 5% discount when bundled with life insurance.

  • Up to 7.1% good student discount for high school or full-time college students with a verifiable GPA of 3.0 or higher.

  • 20% new driver discount.

  • 20% good driver discount.

  • 5% mature driver discount.

  • Up to 9% discount for persistency (upon renewal, depending on number of years insured with AAA).

Talk to an insurance agent to tailor your coverage and maximize your savings. You don’t have to wait until you get a new car—speak with your agent anytime to see how much you can save.

How to find an agent who knows San Francisco auto insurance

The award-winning insurance agents at AAA can help you find the right auto insurance for your needs. Visit your local AAA San Francisco branch to speak to an insurance agent in person, call us at (877) 323-4222, or request a quote online to get started.

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