Do I Need Life Insurance?

If you're a parent, a spouse, or a homeowner, you probably should have life insurance.

Whether you are contributing household income or providing household services, such as child care, cooking, or shuttling kids to and from school, life insurance is an important consideration. If loved ones count on you for financial or lifestyle support, the answer is yes—you need life insurance

A life insurance policy is also a smart idea if you own a home or a business so the people you support today will have enough money to pay the bills if something should happen to you. 

Still not sure? Keep reading to learn more about who needs life insurance.

Do I need life insurance if I’m married?

If you died tomorrow, would your spouse or partner be able to pay the household expenses alone? Life insurance can provide your other half with the necessary funds to maintain their current lifestyle. 

Should I get life insurance if I’m single?

Maybe. If you provide care or financial support to a loved one, such as a child, an aging parent or a relative with special needs, life insurance can help pay for their care after you’re gone.

Do I need life insurance if I have a child (or am expecting one)?

Yes. If you are planning to start a family, you should consider life insurance. When you die, someone will need to support your children, which includes paying future expenses like college tuition.

Should I get life insurance if I’m a homeowner?

Yes. If you own a house, life insurance can help keep a roof over your loved ones’ heads—and ensure they can stay in your home—in the event of your death.  

When should I get life insurance?

Generally, the younger you are when you buy life insurance, the lower its cost. Age and health contribute to the cost of life insurance, so the sooner you purchase, the better. 

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