AAA Alaska Membership Discounts and Benefits

Why should you consider AAA Membership in Alaska?

AAA has been a trusted ally to Alaska drivers like you since people were tooling around in horseless carriages. No, seriously.

AAA pioneered its legendary roadside service back in 1915, and rolled out its Approved Auto Repair program in 1975 to provide its Members with reliable auto repair and maintenance services that meet sky-high AAA standards.

Not only that, but AAA has championed traffic safety legislation and road improvements over the last century. In 1939, for example, AAA urged cooperation between Canada and the United States for the speedy construction of the Alaska Highway.

In addition to AAA roadside assistance, price breaks on auto coverage, and reliable service providers, AAA Membership offers loads of other perks and benefits to more than 50 million Members nationwide.

So if you’re looking for peace of mind with coverage you can trust, see what AAA Membership in Alaska can do for you.

Popular AAA Member benefits in Alaska

AAA provides Members with friendly, top-notch support from skilled roadside service drivers who can safely rescue your vehicle if it’s stuck in a ditch or a snowbank, or give you a jump start if your battery dies. 

As a AAA Member in Alaska, you’re entitled to:

  • DMV services. Skip the long lines at the DMV and head to your local AAA branch, where you can renew your registration, transfer a title, order personalized plates, and more. Many AAA locations now offer online appointment scheduling to save you time.
  • Insurance savings. Depending on your Membership and how long you’ve been a Member, AAA Members in Alaska can get a five to 10-percent advance quote discount on their auto insurance policy. And by signing up for automatic billing, you can also get a 10- to 15-percent savings, as well as a 15- to 20-percent account discount.
  • Discounts and Rewards Program. AAA helps you save money on everything from electronics to clothing to flowers. With exclusive discounts from AAA, Members save an average of $96 per year, usually offsetting the cost of Membership.

Exclusive road service benefits in Alaska

When you think of AAA, you likely picture an emergency roadside vehicle zooming to the rescue. Alaska AAA Members get expert help on (and off) the road with:

  • AAA Roadside Assistance. It’s no fun getting stranded, but if you’re a AAA Member in Alaska, help is just a phone call away, anytime of day or night. You’ll get towing service to the nearest gas station, AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop, or your preferred mechanic. (Towing mileage is based on your Membership level.)
  • AAA Bicycle Roadside Assistance. AAA loves two-wheelers, too. If your bicycle gets damaged or has a flat tire, AAA will transport you and your bike somewhere safe within your allotted towing mileage.
  • RV and Motorcycle Assistance. With a AAA Premier Membership, you’re entitled to RV and motorcycle towing.
  • Car Battery Service. Car battery out of juice? AAA will come to you and check your battery. And if you need a replacement, AAA will sell and install a new battery on the spot—at a $25 savings—complete with a six-year warranty.
  • Auto Repair Savings. Get exclusive discounts at trustworthy AAA Approved Auto Repair Centers at thousands of locations—including five in the Anchorage area alone—around the United States and Canada. Rest assured knowing that these centers, which offer both maintenance and repair services, meet strict AAA quality standards.

Did You Know … ?  Alaska has more than 34,000 miles of coastline—that’s more than the other 49 states combined! It’s also home to 17 of the 20 highest mountain peaks in the US, and eight of the country’s 10 largest islands. There’s plenty for Alaskans to explore without leaving the state—as long as they don’t share a brew with a moose(giving a moose a beer is against state law).

Three levels of AAA Membership for Alaska residents

AAA offers three levels of Membership, to fit everyone’s needs and budget. And you can save 50 percent on additional Members when you sign up for Automatic Renewal. (Terms and conditions apply. Visit for details.)

AAA Classic ($59/year)

This budget-friendly option offers solid benefits so you can hit the road worry-free. Classic AAA Members in Alaska receive: 

  • AAA Roadside Assistance. Get five miles of standard towing for your car (even when you’re the passenger) or bicycle, Emergency Fuel Delivery, Care Battery Service, and locksmith reimbursement up to $50.
  • DMV, passport photos, and notary services. These three services are available at your local AAA branch.
  • AAA Travel Counselors. AAA has travel counselors who can help you plan your dream getaway. Whether you want to plan a ski trip, surprise the kids with a vacation to a theme park, or visit an international movie set, AAA travel experts can help. And when you book with AAA, you’re guaranteed the best price on your vacation.
  • Discounts. Members get sweet discounts at more than 120,000 hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and more.

AAA Plus ($91/year)

Level up to AAA Plus to get all of the AAA Classic benefits, plus:

  • Extra towing equaling up to 100 miles.
  • Emergency fuel and delivery.
  • Locksmith reimbursement up to $100.
  • Extra travel benefits like trip interruption coverage up to $750, and lost baggage coverage up to $250.

AAA Premier ($119/year)

Our highest Membership level includes all of the AAA Plus benefits, as well as:

  • Extra towing equaling up to one 200-mile standard tow per household, as well as one day of free car rental with your tow.
  • RV and motorcycle towing.
  • Locksmith reimbursement, for car or home, up to $150.
  • Windshield repair refund up to $50.
  • Extra travel benefits like trip interruption and delay coverage up to $1,500, and lost baggage coverage up to $500.
  • Travel accident insurance up to $300,000 for worldwide travel.
  • Emergency Medical Transportation up to $25,000 for worldwide travel.

There’s more to AAA Membership than you think, and all for as little as $59 a year. Join AAA today and start reaping the benefits of an Alaskan AAA Membership!

Insurance premium does not include the price of Membership. The providers of AAA Auto Insurance in Alaska are Safeco, Umialik and Progressive. Products and their features may not be available in all states. All policies are subject to policy terms, underwriting guidelines and applicable laws. Multipolicy and other discounts vary based upon eligibility. Discounts not cumulative; certain restrictions apply.