10 Best Fries in the West

Dip these golden delights into your favorite sauce.

Big H hamburgers and fries with Hires’ fry sauce from Salt Lake City's Hires Big H.
Big H hamburger with fries and Hires’ fry sauce from Salt Lake City's Hires Big H.
Courtesy Hires Big H

Whether you prefer them thick-cut, curly, crispy, or breaded, French Fries can make or break a meal. From mid-size potatoes smothered in cheese and bacon to Peruvian, Asian, and Mexican takes, here are 10 places in the West that make this beloved side the star of the show. 

Boise Fry Company, Boise, Idaho

Idaho’s popular potato purveyor takes creating the perfect order of French fries seriously: you even get to choose your cut and type of potato. Pick from subtly sweet red potatoes to firm-fleshed and flavorful Lauras as well as cuts that change daily, but may include curly, shoestring, or po'ball (a shape akin to tater tots). Fries come unsalted and with flavorful dipping sauces like sweet mustard, spicy ketchup, and chipotle. If you’re feeling extra hungry, order a burger on the side. 

Cascabel, Santa Rosa & San Rafael, California 

Serving up Mexican fare with a modern twist, this NorCal favorite offers a selection of mouthwatering sandwiches (think carne asada and grilled chicken topped with caramelized onions, chipotle aioli, and Oaxaca cheese) paired with their own Cascabel fries: not-too-thin, not-too-thick cuts of fried potatoes topped with jalapeño jelly, feta cheese, and cilantro. Both sweet and savory, they’re perfectly delicious on their own too. 

AJI Bar and Robata, San Jose, California 

Located within downtown San Jose’s new Signia by Hilton hotel, AJI Bar and Robata blends Japanese cooking techniques with Peruvian flavors, resulting in dishes such as Wagyu sliders topped with fried green tomatoes and queso fresco, and sweet potato fries cooked karaage-style, meaning they’re lightly coated in flour and deep fried. Try them with a side of aji verde (green hot sauce) or salsa huancaina (creamy cheese sauce) for added flavor.

Carne asada fries from Á La Carte in Bend, Oregon on a paper plate.
Carne asada fries from Á La Carte in Bend, Oregon.
Courtesy Á La Carte

Á La Carte, Bend, Oregon 

Crispy fries are a staple at Bend’s family-owned Á La Carte, a food truck with a menu that also includes tacos and rice bowls. Start with a regular order of these thick-cut beauts sprinkled with sea salt, or have them coated in Parmesan garlic or sweet cinnamon sugar. Wish you could eat fries as a full meal? Try their gorgonzola fries loaded with bacon, green onion, and Cajun spice or the sweet potato fries doused in a mix of coconut curry, hoisin sauce, and sesame seeds. You can also add pork for an over-the-top experience. 

Dots Cafe, Portland, Oregon

There’s nothing quite like munching on a plate of cheese fries after midnight, especially when it’s done in a darkened diner filled with vinyl booths and velvet paintings. Dots dishes up large plates of fries covered in Swiss and cheddar cheeses, and topped with either jalapeños, bacon, or both (these are known as Dots’ legendary “Kitchen Sink” fries).

Burger and fries from Montana Ale Works.
Montana Ale Works specializes in thin, crispy fries.
Courtesy Montana Ale Works

Montana Ale Works, Bozeman, Montana

Pints of Pot Shot Pilsner and Gambler Ambler go wonderfully with Montana Ale Works’ truffled parmesan frites, which come coated with a healthy drizzle of white truffle oil and served with a side of tarragon aioli for a creamy finish. Or opt instead for the eatery’s signature tater tots, crispy deep-fried grated potatoes that ooze chipotle pepperjack flavor and have their own tomatillo ranch sauce for dipping. 

Arizona Wilderness Brewpub, Gilbert, Arizona 

Good fries and beer go hand-in-hand, especially at a brewery like Arizona Wilderness, where the focus is on ingredients. Choose from a variety of French fry offerings, including duck fat fries sprinkled with rosemary and thyme, green chili pulled pork fries, and the ultimate indulgence: fries covered in Wilderness beer cheese, bacon, braised onion, and barbecue sauce. As if that’s not enough, the brewpub’s poutine (duck fat fries smothered in wort gravy and cheese curds) elevates their fry game to a whole other level. What’s more, you can select from over a dozen from-scratch sauces, such as habanero honey mustard, sweet and spicy, and the standby classic, ketchup, for dipping. 


Flippin Good Chicken, Burgers, Beer, Las Vegas, Nevada

Everything about this lively chicken joint fits the name, especially the hand-cut earthy Kennebec potato fries. You'll be smiling from ear to ear, no matter how you choose to order: drown them in house-made chili, aged cheddar queso, and shredded cheese; top them with applewood bacon; or heap on a helping of Cluckin’ hot sauce and grilled jalapeños. Pair your choice with a beef or turkey burger or an order of Nashville hot chicken for something truly memorable.

Burger and fries with special sauce from Hires Big H in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Hires Big H in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Courtesy Hires Big H

Hires Big H, Salt Lake City, Utah

Customers have been flocking to this landmark drive-in for nearly 65 years, lured by frothy mugs of root beer, juicy burgers, and fries fresh cut daily from whole potatoes. The real secret here is Hires Big H’s special dipping sauce, a ketchup and mayo blend base made with several other classified ingredients. It’s so good it’s garnered a statewide following. 

Bumblebee's KBBQ & Grill, Midvale, Utah

Bumblebee’s is known for its Korean-take on fries, dishing them out freshly cut and cooked with cheese, spicy mayo, sriracha, and your choice of Korean barbecue (paper-thin “bulgogi” cuts of beef, pork, or chicken) as toppings. Try them with a Kor-ispy chicken sandwich, fried chicken thigh with a layer of Korean cheese corn served on a brioche bun.