Plan Your Next Dream Trip

AAA can help make it happen.

a women and child pose in front of the Colosseum in Rome.
If you’ve always wanted to see the Colosseum in Rome, let AAA help you get there.
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Take advantage of AAA Travel counselors’ insights, expertise, and money-saving know-how to let one of them plan your next trip.

Dollars and Sense

“People tell me they can find great deals on their own,” says AAA Travel counselor Mary Allegra. “That may be, but why would you want to, when someone else is paying me to do it for you?” Agents like Allegra can save you money through discounts on tours, hotels, cruises, and more.

Perks and Pluses

Agents can also point you to a range of member benefits included in AAA Travel packages, from onboard cruise credits to activity vouchers, that can provide solid value over the course of a vacation.

Insights and Expertise

Each agent has areas of expertise. “I handle a lot of Alaska cruises,” Allegra says, “but I have some colleagues who really know Europe and others who book a lot of weddings and honeymoons.”

Previews and Promotions

You can find ideas and get discounts at special presentations such as On Stage Alaska, offered with the Holland America cruise line. “The events are fun and informative,” Allegra notes, “and you can get great deals.” 

Assurance and Insurance

“Working with an agent gives you peace of mind,” Allegra says. “If anything goes wrong while you’re on the road, we can help fix it for you.” AAA also sells travel insurance to protect against unexpected hitches such as lost luggage and flight cancellations.