How to Find Meaningful Souvenirs When Traveling

Skip the future clutter and bring home only the best mementos.

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Look for useful items that can become everyday essentials in addition to reminding you of your trip.
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"Want to bring home extra mementos? You can always buy another suitcase! It can be cheaper than shipping." —AAA Travel Counselor Mary Nicol.

Know the rules.

Before you shop in a foreign country, check U.S. customs regulations regarding dollar limits and prohibited or restricted items. Generally, you can bring back less than $800 worth of merchandise duty free, but fresh food and certain furs are restricted. "Any run-of-the-mill souvenirs are probably OK," Nicol says. For full details, visit

Buy local.

Seek out items handmade in your destination. (Ask a local to recommend a specific shopping street or artisan.) Buying one-of-a-kind items will support the region's economy, and your keepsakes will possess a strong connection to the place.

Buy not so local.

Mass-produced items such as magnets and postcards from your various travels can make for a fun collection, especially when displayed together.

Include your loved ones.

Thoughtful souvenir gifts are cherished. Nicol and her husband gave their moms hand-stitched decorations. Says Nicol, "When they display them, they can say, ‘Our kids got this on their honeymoon in Slovakia!' "