Smart Home Security

Setting Up Your Account & Mobile App

To get the most out of your AAA Smart Home system, finish creating your online account and download the free A3 Smart Home mobile app.

This will give you ultimate control of your system, including mobile arming and disarming, custom alerts, home automation, and more.

Sign into your account

You will have received in your box a welcome letter with your username, and instructions for creating your AAA Smart Home online account.

Create your own secure password by going to your AAA Smart Home web account site and clicking “Forgot Username or Password”. Enter your username, and a password reset link will be sent to the email address associated with your account. Make sure you have access to that email inbox.

App Login screenshot

Download the app

You can find the A3 app for phone and tablet in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After you’ve downloaded it, log in using the username and newly-reset password.

Your Smart Home Pro will walk you through the app features during your call, but here are three easy things you can do right away:

  1. Go to Notifications to set up push, text, and email notifications (e.g. an alert if you forget to arm your system when leaving the house)
  2. Go to Geo-Services to enable rules and alerts based on your phone’s location (e.g. disarming when you approach the house)
  3. Set up Two-Factor Authentication for extra account security by going to Online Account > Settings > Login Information > Two-Factor Authentication
Screenshot of AAA Smart Home App in App Store
Installing Your Lamp PlugYour Lamp Plug lets you turn a lamp on and off, or dim it (if the lamp has a dimming bulb), using your control panel or mobile app. It plugs into any standard outlet.
Installing Your Lamp Plug
Installing Your Panic ButtonWhen pressed within range of your panel, the panic button alerts your system to dispatch medical, fire, or police first responders in case of an emergency.
Installing Your Panic Button
Installing Your Entry SensorsEntry sensors help protect your home's main entry points by alerting you when a door or window are open
Installing Your Entry Sensors
Installing Your Carbon Monoxide DetectorYour carbon detector alerts you to the presence of carbon monoxide in your home.
Installing Your Carbon Monoxide Detector
Installing Your Smart Door Lock With LeverYour keyless Smart Door Lock with a lever lets you conveniently unlock and lock your door with a backlit touchscreen keypad, rather than having to carry around keys that can get lost.
Installing Your Smart Door Lock With Lever