Unexpected Things Covered by Homeowners Insurance

From spoiled food to a fried TV, your property insurance policy covers more than just your home.

As you savor your morning coffee, you may find yourself wondering, what does homeowners insurance cover? You might be happy to learn that it covers more than just your home.

Garages, Sheds, and More

What happens if a windstorm blows your gazebo down? Or your tool shed catches on fire? In addition to covering your house, most homeowners policies will cover other structures on your property, such as sheds, detached garages, and fences, if you build your policy correctly.


If a fire damages your fridge or TV, or a lightning strike creates a power surge that fries your washer and dryer, your homeowners insurance may cover it. But check your policy. Some cover lightning-damaged electronics, for example, but not damage caused by other kinds of power surges.


Most homeowners policies cover your bling and other valuable belongings like watches and collectibles if they’re stolen or if they’re damaged in a fire or windstorm, for example. But policies generally have a limit—usually around $1,500—for each piece of jewelry (or other valuable item). If protecting your treasures like an engagement or wedding ring is a priority, ask your agent about purchasing a special endorsement.

Spoiled Food

If your neighborhood suffers a power outage and your fridge loses its cool, your homeowners insurance may reimburse you for your spoiled groceries. It depends on your policy, however. Some policies don’t cover widespread power outages, for example, or flood-related outages.

Dog Bites

If your pooch gets overly excited and bites a visitor, your homeowners insurance may cover the victim’s medical bills. But check your policy. Some insurers deny coverage to breeds that have a bad reputation or to pets that have a previous history of biting, or may offer dog bite insurance on a case-by-case basis.

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