President's Letter: Our Spirit of Adventure and Innovation

Helping our Members navigate the future of electric vehicles.

March/April 2023

AAA was founded well over 100 years ago by someone you’ve probably never heard of—Augustus Post. In the early 1900s, Augustus Post was a visionary and an American adventurer. He was a balloonist, owned the first car in New York City, became one of the first civilians to descend in a submarine, and was the 13th person to fly solo in an airplane. We produced an award-winning documentary that you can watch called The Unforgettable Augustus Post.

That same spirit of innovation continues today on American roadways. Electric vehicles are shaping the future of transportation in the U.S. In a survey AAA conducted last year, one quarter of Americans said their next car would be an electric vehicle. 

We want to help our Members navigate the future of electric vehicles. For those of you who are thinking about an electric vehicle, check out our How to Rent an Electric Vehicle guide in this issue. Or spend a few minutes browsing our Electric Vehicle Resources.

At AAA, we’re always thinking about innovation, just like Augustus Post. To get ready for the future, we’re testing our new electric vehicle battery–charging roadside assistance vans on roads in Northern California. We’re also here to help you save money on electric vehicles with services such as EVgo, one of the nation’s largest public networks of recharging stations—where AAA Members save up to 10 percent on standard charging rates, with no monthly or session fees. 

And, while we’ve been there for our Members at the roadside for over a century, you can now turn to AAA for the same peace of mind at home. We are expanding our fully digital AAA Smart Home Security service. I encourage you to check it out. It’s AAAmazing! 

Ever forget if you closed your garage door? Me too. Our AAA Smart Home Security app lets you close your garage door from anywhere. Wherever you are, you can check on your pets at home with our wellness camera, turn your lights on or off, speak to anyone who rings your doorbell, or arm your security system… all from our easy-to-use AAA Smart Home Security smartphone app.

We hope Augustus Post would be proud of the innovative ways AAA continues to look to the future. ba.

Tim Condon

President & CEO

P.S. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, and regardless of how new or old it is, you can always count on AAA to be there for you. Our team of emergency roadside assistance heroes is ready to assist with whatever you and your vehicle need.