Fog surrounds the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge

Via Magazine

May/June 2020

In this digital-only issue: Daydreams of road trips, tips for keeping your home sparkling clean, and more.

Travel writer Freda Moon on her houseboat

When We Stayed Home

Sheltering in place can feel particularly foreign to those whose profession relies on exploration. Join four travel writers as they reflect on life at home.

National Park Service social media manager Matt Turner

A Q&A with the National Park Service's Matt Turner

Matthew Turner is the quick-witted, 37-year-old ranger behind the National Park Service’s official social media presence. Turner’s posts are often hilarious and timely—such as showing a skunk “practicing social distancing before it was cool.”

avila beach, california

Road Trip Daydreams: Our Favorite California Drives

From Highway One to Yosemite, the Via team plans to hit these spots in California when it's safe to travel for leisure.

A clean and sanitized bathroom sink

How to Deep Clean Your House

Your home needs a deep clean at least once a season. By focusing on cleaning areas that are often neglected (dirty baseboards, dust bunnies lurking underneath large furniture, and grimy handles and knobs), you will end up with a germ-free home in tip-top condition.

A white SUV parked in a AAA Member's driveway

Tips for Parking Your Car for Extended Periods

Make sure your vehicle is in good shape when you next take it out.

Red rain boots in a puddle

Your Complete Disaster Preparedness Plan

Follow these essential tasks to prepare for a fire, earthquake, or other disaster.

supplies for a disaster emergency kit

What to Pack in an Emergency Kit

Essential emergency supplies for any disaster.

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