A quillber at Animal Ark in Reno, Nevada rides in a wagon.

Via Podcast
Episode 4

Encounter Animals Ethically
with Alison Hermance

On the next episode of the Via Podcast, hosts Michelle Donati and Mitti Hicks get up close and personal with a few cuddly critters—and a few not-so-cuddly—on a virtual visit to ethical animal sanctuaries. Guest Alison Hermance chats about how to interact with animals ethically, and with their best interest in mind, whether at a sanctuary or in the wild, and shares cool facts about the abundance of fascinating creatures in the West.

Show Notes:

This episode delves into the following animal sanctuaries and spots to see wildlife, and more:

  • Animal Ark in Reno, Nevada
  • Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah
  • Elephant seals in Drakes Bay Beach, California
  • Gila monsters in Arizona
  • Moose in Snake River, Wyoming
  • WildCare in San Rafael, California

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