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Discover AAA Smart Guides and find out how Via can help you outsmart life's challenges wherever you face them. Learn how to make the most of your AAA benefits, get expert tips on everything from car ownership and moving, and find out how to organize your digital life.

shingled house exterior with exterior and interior security lights on

How to Secure Your Home

Want to protect your house from intruders? Here are 16 ways to do it.
A dog lounges on a rug in a home that has been prepared for an earthquake.

10 Easy Steps for Earthquake Preparedness

Keep yourself and others safe by being ready for the next quake.
Eagle Creek Wildfire in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Are You Ready for a Wildfire?

Follow these 15 expert tips to make sure you’re prepared.
A woman smiles while driving a car.

How to Be a Nicer Driver

Don't just follow the laws—practice proper road etiquette, too.
A person clears phishing emails out of their inbox.

6 Ways to Detect a Phishing Email or Text Message

Look for these red flags to spot fake email and spam text messages.
Houseplants on a table in the sun.

11 Tips for Growing Happy Houseplants

Follow the expert advice in this beginner’s guide to help your indoor plants thrive.
A gardener waters their plants with a watering can.

10 Ways to Save Water at Home

Simple habits and home upgrades can save thousands of gallons each year.
picture of a woman applying packing tape to a cardboard box

An Easy-to-Follow Moving Schedule

Follow these 22 steps to take the stress out of packing up and moving in.
A woman works on a computer in a white office, image

What to do if You Are the Victim of a Data Breach

Three steps to take if your personal information is leaked from a corporation.
AAA Smart Home Security control panel sitting on a countertop.

Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Smart Home

Building a smart home can start with a single bulb or switch.
A dad uses a tablet to teach his son.

5 Remote-Learning Tips for Parents

Re-create school at home.
laptop on a clean, minimalist, organized white desk, picture

12 Ways to Organize Your Digital Life

Simplify your storage, protect your data, and reclaim your sanity.
An airplane drops fire retardant on a wildifre in California.

How to Prepare to Evacuate Due to Wildfire

Get everything in order with this checklist so you can leave quickly and safely.
A couple calculates their assets.

10 Steps to Create an Estate Plan

These essential tasks take the mystery and stress out of making an estate plan.
two hands holding an iphone.

How to Protect Yourself from a SIM Swapping Attack

Prevent your phone number from giving a thief access to your bank, email, social media, and other accounts.