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Installing Your Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector Install Guide PDF

Your smoke detector alerts you to signs of smoke or a rapid rise in high temperatures in the home.

The smoke detector is monitored 24/7, is always on — even when your system is disarmed — and will alert you whether or not you are home.

Installation Parts

  • Smoke detector, which includes a cover and backplate
  • Mounting screws
  • 3 AAA batteries
Smoke Detector installation parts

Choosing a location

Your smoke detector is designed to pick up concentrations of smoke or high levels of heat, therefore making location a key component.

The detectors are considered “life safety” devices and do well near any bedroom or in hallways with multiple bedrooms. Also, the detectors can be placed in family rooms or living rooms, depending on your preference and size of your residence.

Detectors can be mounted on ceilings or walls. The location should be 6 inches from a wall in either direction.

Avoid placing your detector in

  • Ceilings that are peaked or gabled, as they may prevent the detection of smoke
  • Hot or humid areas, like the kitchen or near a fireplace, as they may send false alarms
  • Areas with strong air flow, such as near outer doors, windows or fans, which may prevent smoke from being detected

Installation Instructions

1. Disconnect the detector from its base by simply twisting the detector counter-clockwise.

Person twisting the detector base off

2. Using the 2 screws provided, attach the backplate to the desired location.

Person screwing in the base plate

3. Insert the batteries provided into the smoke detector.

person inserting the batteries in the Smoke Detector

4. Twist the detector onto the backplate. Keep in mind there are markers provided on the base and detector to assist with alignment.

person attaching the Smoke Detector to the plate

Testing the smoke detector

pressing the Smoke Detector button
  1. Press and hold the test button on the smoke detector. You will first here hear a series of 2 beeps. Continue to hold until you hear the next series of 3 beeps triggering the smoke detector.
  2. Let go of the detector’s test button.
  3. After testing is complete, press and hold the test button until you hear a series of 2 beeps again. Let go of the test button. This will reset your smoke detector to its original state.
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