The Value We Place on Service

We’re grateful for the confidence you have in us.

July/August 2021 Issue

We recently received a very kind and heartfelt letter from a Member who wanted to express his gratitude to every Team Member at AAA for providing over 50 years of loyal service. He called us his “ace in the hole,” noting that on those occasions when his car gave him trouble, he never missed an appointment or meeting, thanks to us.

What an amazing letter to receive from someone who has allowed us to serve him for more than half a century. We are honored to have him as one of our many loyal Members, just as we are honored to have the roughly 6.35 million other Members of our club.

We value service and take pride in delivering it with each and every interaction we have with our Members and their communities. The confidence you place in us to be there for you is humbling, and we aim to exceed expectations.

Speaking of being there for our Members, based on the overwhelming positive response we received as to the inaugural edition of our reimagined digital Via, I’m grateful you’re taking this journey with us and enjoying our content. And, once again, this current issue is filled with a robust offering of lifestyle and life-skill articles, including how to:

As you venture forth, wherever your journeys continue to take you, please remember that we’re there with you to help navigate many of life’s obstacles and take advantage of the numerous benefits of your AAA Membership. If you read my May-June letter, you already know why you should sign up for AAA Identity Champion, but in case you missed it, this identity theft protection service is a value-added benefit of your Membership that you’ll love having on your side.Take care of yourself and each other, and have a safe and enjoyable summer.