What to See and Do in Clarksburg on the California Delta

Go wine tasting and enjoy the quiet in this small, riverside town.

Sunset on the Sacramento River Delta, image
The sun sets over the California River Delta.
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Built in the 1850s to house farmers working crops on Merritt Island, Clarksburg is a decidedly polished little spot, compared to its patinated surroundings. The town, 15 miles from Sacramento, lies a whopping 13 or so feet above sea level and has fewer than 500 citizens. With the retro-cozy feel of a bygone era, it’s the kind of place where neighbors have barbecues on front lawns and almost everyone is invited. Not much goes on here, and that’s the point.

A scenic and fun way to get to Clarksburg is to drive to Rio Vista, another Delta town, and take the Real McCoy ferry to Ryer Island. Drive off the ferry and follow East Ryer Road to the J-Mack ferry. (All ferries offer free rides and can accommodate vehicles as big as a small RV.) Then take Grand Island Road and cross the bridge on Highway 160, the Victory Highway. Clarksburg is nine miles north. For a winery map, visit the Clarksburg Wine Growers Association.

Things to Do and See

Clarksburg is home to Bogle Vineyards, an award-winning, family-run operation with several vineyards in the area and free tastings. Clarksburg’s other big attraction is the Old Sugar Mill. This massive, partially restored brick building from the 1930s houses tasting rooms for 15 mostly local wineries and a towering hall reminiscent of San Francisco’s Ferry Building in which local artists sell their crafts.

Where to Eat Near Clarksburg

Stop by Husicks Taphouse for barbecue, sandwiches and accompaniments before heading to the Old Sugar Mill for winetasting. Shorty’s La Amistad Café offers inexpensive and tasty Mexican fare like menudo and homemade flour tortillas. It’s worth visiting for the scenic drive alone. 36046 Jefferson Blvd., (916) 744-1346.


This article was first published in March 2012 and last updated in February 2019.