Weekend Trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown

This always festive neighborhood is a universe of colorful temples, shops, and dining destinations.

dragon with escorts in Chinese New Year parade at night in San Francisco
Dragon dancers help usher in the New Year.
Judy Bellah / Alamy

San Francisco's Chinatown constitutes its own universe of Buddhist temples, bustling shops, and colorful buildings topped with pagoda-style roofs. Crisscrossed with intimate alleys, this packed neighborhood exudes a festive spirit year-round.

The Chinese New Year Parade returns Feb. 24, 2024 to mark the Year of the Dragon. Typically more than 100 groups and floats take part, showcasing traditional dances, gorgeous costumes, and martial arts. Don’t miss the magnificent, 268-foot-long golden dragon.

San Francisco City Guides offers walking tours, during which knowledgeable guides explain Chinatown past and present. Tours are free, but donations are encouraged.

Less touristy than Grant Avenue, Stockton Street is the real commercial heart of Chinatown. Dozens of family-owned shops specialize in fresh Asian produce, medicinal roots, and live fish swimming in tanks. Fortify yourself with an oven-hot egg tart from the AA Bakery & Cafe.


R&G Lounge draws diners for such Cantonese fare as salt-and-pepper prawns. Be sure to ask your bow-tied waiter for seasonal vegetable recommendations.

At the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, watch as warm wafers are rolled by hand into the familiar after-dinner treats. You can even customize your own fortunes.

As the neighborhood’s alfresco living room, Portsmouth Square is busy from early morning, when locals gracefully practice tai chi, to the afternoon, when buskers play the erhu fiddle and games of cards can turn boisterous.

Z&Y Restaurant is known for its mouth-searing Szechuan dishes, such as spicy beef with flaming chile oil.

This article was first published in December 2017 and last updated in November 2023.