Pam Mandel

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a smiling couple puts their Christmas tree into their hatchback vehicle with snow blowing outside

How to Secure Your Christmas Tree to Your Car

Tips for getting your fresh tree home safely.
AAA Member uses the AAA mobile app to request battery testing

5 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Car Battery

A routine yearly battery check can keep your engine running.
Cars drive on the highway in the Sierra Nevada.

How to Install and Drive with Snow Chains and Tire Cables

Learn how to pick and use the best winter weather traction device for your vehicle.
A mom walks young kids to school.

Back-To-School Safety Tips for Drivers and Parents

How to do your part to keep kids safe on the road.
a black SUV pulls into a home garage.

8 Reasons You Should Park Your Car Inside

And what to do if you don’t have a garage.
A fire truck stopped in San Francisco.

Move Over Laws in the West

Protect first responders and avoid an expensive ticket.
A woman makes adjustments on a car dashboard touchscreen before driving.

Active Driver Assistance Systems Interfere More Than They Help

Performance issues are still common with ADAS.
A driver fills front tire with air.

How to Care for Your Tires in 5 Minutes

Give your tires a monthly checkup to ensure they stay up to standard.
A dad and his son shop for a car.

How to Choose a Safe Car for a Teen Driver

Here's how to find a car everyone will agree on.
A family gathers around the table.

How to Make a Family Disaster Plan

Having a plan, and communicating it with your family, makes a difference when disaster strikes.
A couple watch a sunset from a roadside overlook.

How to Plan a Drive With Travel Restrictions in Mind

AAA's TripTik makes it easy to see the latest Covid-19 information when planning your route.
Driver texts behind the wheel.

Bad Driving Habits Are Hard to Break

AAA research shows drivers admit to dangerous actions on the road—even after they've been in a collision.
A lineup of cars at a dealership

How to Look for Signs of Flood Damage in Used Cars

Make sure to do a thorough inspection for signs of flood damage before buying a pre-owned car.
Dog looks out the window of its owner's front door

Disaster Prep for Pets Can Bring Peace of Mind

Include your best friend in your emergency plan.
A view of the dashboard of a driverless car

Drivers Still Uneasy About Self-Driving Cars

A survey from AAA reveals that consumers are still wary of automated vehicles.