Keeping Members Safe and Secure

AAA has your back in combating cybercrime.

May/June Issue

More and more of our daily life revolves around the digital world. We are attending work meetings virtually, chatting with family members over video, and reading news stories updated every minute. In that spirit we have reimagined Via for the digital realm, transforming a magazine so that it goes wherever you go.

The new Via will arrive every other month in your email inbox, on our website at, and as an e-periodical optimized for the mobile environment. You’ll still find our award-winning stories talking about your car, your home, your life, and places to go in the West, only now you’ll be able to read them on your smartphone, computer, and tablet anytime you want. No more waiting by the mailbox.

In the May/June issue of Via, you’ll find life-skill info aimed at helping you combat identity theft. In Smart Money, we uncover the importance of credit card safety at the gas pump. A recent FICO study found that gas-pump skimming is increasing steadily at 10 percent a year. That means that more and more credit card machines at gas stations are being tampered with. Protect yourself—and your money—with the tips in “How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe at the Gas Pump.”

The pursuit of identity security hit home for me a year ago when a member of my family learned firsthand the dramatic impact of having his identity stolen. He was hacked online, and it took him months to resolve: He had become yet another casualty of cybercrime and scams. It reinforced the importance of our very own AAA Identity Champion protection services, with basic coverage included as a value-added benefit of your Membership.

I’ve always believed that working at AAA is a higher calling, one driven by a passion to serve our Members and do whatever we can to ensure their well-being. We rescue people on the side of the road with our Roadside Assistance (America’s most recommended); we help protect what matters most to them at home with our AAA Smart Home security services; we help them rebuild or replace their largest assets when damaged, through the outstanding coverages provided by AAA Insurance (auto and home); we keep them on the move thanks to the services of our AAA Auto Repair Centers—and so much more. You’ve trusted us to protect your cars, your homes, and your lives; we don’t take our role for granted.

We hope you enjoy this new digital edition of Via. Continue to take care of each other, and stay safe (online and elsewhere).


Tim Condon AAA Signature