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From how to save money and how to get out of debt to investing in stocks or dealing with identity theft, Via has answers to your personal finance questions. Navigate through the confusion of home improvement loans, find the best credit cards for travel, and make your money work harder for you.

A couple signs a legal document with a notary.

What is a Notary and When do You Need One?

Before you hire a notary, use these tips to find the right service and the right provider.
Modern automated smart home from the outside.

6 Smart Home Features That Save Money

Shrink bills and look after your home with these smart home devices.
A couple tape up a box while packing up their home.

Don’t Believe These 10 Money Myths

Is buying a home always better than renting?
A woman looks at her retirement accounts on her computer.

10 Common Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Prepare for retirement and get the most out of your benefits and accounts with these expert tips.
woman shopping online on laptop holding a credit card

How to Improve Your Credit Score at Any Age

Take charge of your credit score.
a family sitting on snow overlooking a snow-topped mountain with the sun

8 Tips for a Less Expensive Ski Weekend

Next time you hit the ski slopes, ease your wallet with these simple tips.
man by side of road with car hood up

Should I Repair or Replace My Car?

To repair or replace, that is the question. Let our auto consultant help you weigh your options.
a black man uses a credit card to purchase something on his phone with coffee cup in foreground

7 Savvy Online Shopping Safety Tips

Strategies to keep your financial data safe during the holiday shopping season and beyond.
A passport and photos lay on a desk next to a laptop.

How to Save Money on Travel in 2023

Make the most of your vacation budget with these tips.
Fort Point Historic Site beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

Free Things to Do in Your Favorite California Cities

You don’t have to break your budget to enjoy the Golden State’s vibrant destination cities.
Family members hug inside the airport.

How to Save on Holiday Travel

Now’s the time to book.
man filling white car with fuel.

5 Ways to Save Money on Car Expenses

Owning a vehicle is convenient, but costs add up. Follow these simple tips to keep expenses down.
A woman in a thick gray sweater puts euros into a purse.

How to Keep Your Money and Credit Cards Safe While Traveling

These simple tips can help you manage your credit cards and cash safely when you travel abroad.
A family tours a house with a real estate agent.

How to Detect and Prevent Real Estate Fraud

Both buyers and renters should be aware of these common scams.
A man stands outside his car and pets his dog in the backseat.

How to Save Money on Auto Repairs

Keep the cost of car maintenance down with these expert tips.