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Via Magazine

May/June 2021
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Welcome to Our New Digital Edition!

Take a video tour of Via's evolution to an all-new, all-digital format and see what's to come in future issues. From AAA Member highlights and practical tips on things to do and places to visit, Via is your online guide to life in the West.

chicken coop in a AAA Member's backyard

10 Ways to Refresh Your Backyard

These transformations will inspire you to overhaul your outdoor space.

sunset at natural bridges park in santa cruz county

Wandering the Wilds of Home

A travel writer and her family explore Santa Cruz County as they would a foreign land.

asparagus on display at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza farmers market

18 Favorite Farmers' Markets in the West

Where to find organically grown veggies, bowls of steaming ramen, and friendly local vendors.

a backyard movie setup

Backyard Postcard

AAA Member Tom Fragala created a backyard movie theater at his home in Phoenix, Arizona.

A AAA Member replaces an air filter in his car

A Beginner's Guide to Car Maintenance

Basic things every car owner should know, and when it’s time to call in a pro.

AAA Members move into their new home

5 Tips to Buying a Home in a Hot Market

Make a winning offer on your dream house or condo.

a car fills up at the gas pump

How to Keep Your Credit Card Safe at the Pump

The next time you pull into a gas station, think twice about how you pay for fuel.

a cashier swipes a credit card

When Identity Theft Hits Close to Home

AAA has your back in combating cybercrime.

colorful capitola beach in california

What's Your Favorite Beach in the West?

Tell us where you love to go—and why—for the next issue of Via.