Favorite Places to See Holiday Lights in the West

AAA Members love these displays, from spots only locals know about to massive productions.

Christmas tree holiday light display at Redding Garden of Lights.
Redding Garden of Lights.
Courtesy Redding Garden of Lights

“My favorite holiday light show is the Redding Garden of Lights. In 2020 the nights were cold and families came wrapped in warm coats. Everyone had a great time, and the lights and music made the light show totally magical.” —Kay Johnson

“Our favorite holiday display is Pat Farley’s yearly Christmas Wonderland in Santa Cruz, California. He works tirelessly all year long fixing and upgrading his display. This is not the usual drive-by Christmas light display. You get out of your car and walk in and through the displays. His own yard is open for free to all to casually stroll and enjoy. Pat himself will likely greet you with a warm ‘Merry Christmas’ and answer any questions. What makes Pat’s spirit happy and joyful is to be able to share his labor of love.” —Hal Stanger

“Preston House in Kingman, Arizona, along Route 66, has thousands of lights, annual add ons, and festive music. It was even entered in the annual competition for best light displays in the United States.” —Debra Finch

Village light display on Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno, California.

Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno, California.

Courtesy Christmas Tree Lane Fresno

“Our favorite holiday display is a yearly family tradition: Christmas tree lane in Fresno, California. The lane is very historic, starting in 1920.  For two miles, displays and lights run along both sides of the street. This lane should be in the history books.” —Michael Losurdo

“The best holiday light display is Deacon Dave’s in Livermore, California. It is a beautiful display with hundreds of thousands of lights. Many volunteers start in September to set up the display, which has a new theme every year. We took our children to the display for many, many years, and even as adults we visit each Christmas season.” —Mary Messner

“Without a doubt the city of Caldwell, Idaho, has the best holiday light show in the West. The array covers a few blocks of downtown streets, plus the beautiful walking path that bridges the creek. It is amazing!” —Bill Roscoe

A path is lit by holiday lights in Thanksgiving Point in Utah.

Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

Courtesy Thanksgiving Point Institute

Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah offers opportunities for visitors to experience a variety of Christmas lands. Regardless if I am basking in the Thanksgiving Point Christmas lights with my husband or with my adult kids and my grandchildren, the myriad illuminated colors are sweet like a Christmas candy cane.” —Christy Peterson

“Without question, my favorite Christmas lights are at Temple Square, Salt Lake City’s most visited attraction. Approximately one million LED lights twinkle each season all across the historic 35-acre square. The lights come to life the day after Thanksgiving, and are lit every night [from 3:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.] until January 1. One of the most anticipated events is the televised Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square Christmas Concert on December 15, 16, and 17.” —Michael Stone

“The Upper Hastings Ranch Association in Pasadena, California, where I grew up, holds a lavish competition, with prizes being awarded for individual homeowners’ displays and those of specific blocks, each of which determines its own decorations for the parking strip beside the curb in front of each house.” —Paul Lifton

This article was first published in November 2021 and last updated in December 2022.