5 Things to Do to Prepare for Summer

Summer is coming! Inflate your tires and check your finances, then head out for fun in the sun.

two hands hold bing cherries
The Northwest's popular bing cherry satisfies a sweet tooth—without guilt.
Mauro Grigollo / Stocksy

1. Harvest your dessert.

Many u-pick farms open to the public in mid to late May, welcoming visitors to pluck the first tangy berries of the season. For a list of fill-your-barrel locations in the West, click here.

2. Dive into your finances.

See how you're faring halfway through the year. Run a credit report and spend a month carefully tracking expenses. This can help you tweak your financial goals and manage your investments to reach them.


3. Pump your tires.

Cruising on underinflated tires can cause them to overheat, which increases the risk of blowout. On hot days, that risk rises. Tires lose one to two pounds of pressure per month through normal use—so check them often.

4. Find your jam.

What will the song of the summer be? No one knows, but it will surely be fun to stream the hits all season long. AAA Members who sign up for Pandora Premium for the first time receive 90 days free.

5. Make your getaway.

Traveling in off-peak seasons can nab you better prices on airfare, rental cars, and hotel rooms. Mountain destinations that cater to skiers in winter and hikers in summer—think Sun Valley, Idaho, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming—frequently offer great deals in May.