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a contemporary, two-story house lit up at dusk

7 Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About Insurance

From laptops to swimming pools, AAA shares seven important facts about what your policy covers.
AAA Smart Home Security control panel sitting on a countertop.

Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Smart Home

Building a smart home can start with a single bulb or switch.
A mother and son turn on their air purifier in their living room.

Now’s the Time to Prepare for Summer’s Heat, Fire, and Smoke

A bit of preparation now will help keep you safe and comfortable.
A person moves a small succulent and dusts their coffee table.

How to Deep Clean Your House

A room-by-room guide to whipping your home into tip-top shape.
A homeowner uses a sod cutter to remove the lawn in their backyard.

How to Replace Your Lawn With a Drought-Tolerant Alternative

Along with being a good environmental move, low-water plants can save you money.
A clean, bright, modern kitchen.

How to Get Rid of Common Household Odors

Say goodbye to unpleasant smells with these simple strategies.
picture of boxes piled up in a home for a move

Packing Tips for a Move

Not sure how to pack for a move? Experts answer top questions—and warn against big mistakes.
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What to Do About Mold in Your Home

Mold can mean trouble for homeowners. Here's what to do if you see (or suspect) mold in your home.
Orange tabby gets comfortable inside a pet house.

8 Household Items That Are Toxic to Pets

Everyday items like essential oils and grapes can poison your cat or dog.
A toddler walks through a house made out of boxes.

3 Home Safety Updates That Lower Insurance Premiums

Keep your family safe and get a discount on your homeowners or renters insurance.
A mother sits on the couch with her two children.

5 Hidden Dangers in Your Home and How to Prevent Them

Here’s how to test for—and avoid—common household hazards.
A woman cleans out her closet and sorts her clothes into keep and donate piles.

How to Declutter Your Home

And how to responsibly donate, recycle, and dispose of your stuff.
Modern automated smart home from the outside.

6 Smart Home Features That Save Money

Shrink bills and look after your home with these smart home devices.
A family plays basketball in their driveway in front of their detached garage.

How to Secure Your Garage to Prevent Theft and Damage

Keep your car—and access to your home—safeguarded.
A woman turns on her mini split heat pump while sitting on the couch in the living room.

Will a Heat Pump Save You Money on Heating and Cooling?

Rebates and incentives are available to cut down on costs for these highly efficient and cost-saving devices.