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A minimalist home office in the living room next to an open glass door.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Remove indoor air pollution and breathe easier with these 10 tips.
A smart robot vacuum cleans under a gray sofa.

10 Smart Home Devices for Renters

Smart tech doesn’t have to be permanently installed.
A beautiful modern farmhouse with grey siding, white brick, and black framed windows.

How to Spot Common Roof Problems

Keep one of the most important parts of your home in good shape.
Eagle Creek Wildfire in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Are You Ready for a Wildfire?

Follow these 15 expert tips to make sure you’re prepared.
A monarch butterfly rests on a pink flower.

How to Help Save the Western Monarch Butterfly

Implement these strategies in your yard and community to help the butterflies bounce back.
A couple enjoy their recently remodeled kitchen.

10 Common Remodeling Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

What you need to know for successful renovations.
A family tours a house with a real estate agent.

How to Detect and Prevent Real Estate Fraud

Both buyers and renters should be aware of these common scams.
A woman stands in her bright modern kitchen.

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Summer

Stay cool inside while cutting high summer utility bills with these 9 simple steps.
A kid lays in the water on a slip and slide on a hot day.

How to Stay Safe During Extreme Heat

Prepare your family, pets, and community for dangerous temperatures.
An outdoor camera installed on an exterior house wall.

The Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

Find out where to put indoor and outdoor cameras for the best results.
A woman washes lemon at the kitchen sink.

How to Get Rid of Gnats and Flies

Plus how to keep these pesky flying creatures away from your home.
Homeowner staining a wood table

Home Maintenance Schedule

Basic maintenance tasks can quickly pile up or easily be forgotten. This checklist has you covered.
A new home lit up at dusk.

How to Care for Your Home's Foundation

Your home’s support system could use some attention.
Three generations look over a grandmother's shoulder at a tablet.

Simple Steps to Make Your Home More Welcoming to Disabled Guests

Minor adjustments can improve your home’s accessibility and comfort for visitors.