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Pest free, clean white kitchen.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Prevent mice, ants, bedbugs, and more.
A man and woman sit against a wall before painting

Home Improvement Projects: DIY vs. Pro?

Here’s how to decide when to do a renovation yourself or hire a contractor.
A gardener puts mulch under evergreen juniper shrubs.

6 Reasons Your Garden Needs Mulch

Save time and grow healthier plants with this crucial step.
A woman lights the stove under a large pot.

How to Detect a Gas Leak

Plus the steps you should take—immediately—if you suspect there’s a leak.
A white house covered in snow and icicles.

How to Stay Safe and Warm During a Winter Power Outage

Plan ahead so you can weather the outage without harm or discomfort.
A dad turns on his home security system as he leaves the house with his baby.

Do You Have These Often Overlooked Home Safety Essentials?

These 8 items will help you have peace of mind and a healthier home.
A woman and her dog sit in front of a wood-burning stove and look out the window at a snow-covered landscape.

Is Your Fireplace Still Safe to Use?

Prevent home fires and other dangers with these precautions.
An indoor security camera mounted on a white wall in a modern home.

How to Choose the Best Home Security Camera for You

Six questions to help you decide which option is best for your household.
A beautiful modern farmhouse with grey siding, white brick, and black framed windows.

How to Spot Common Roof Problems

Keep one of the most important parts of your home in good shape.
A car in an organized garage

Do Hazards Lurk in Your Garage?

Garages and driveways can harbor hazards. Our top tips for decreasing clutter and increasing safety.
Man stands on ladder and cleans out gutters for winter

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Here are the steps you can take to keep yourself and your possessions from getting soaked.
A child walks by string lights on Halloween.

5 Things You Can Do to Reduce Light Pollution

Make these simple, low-cost changes to help migrating birds and improve your sleep.
A woman installs a new smoke alarm.

Why You Need a Smart Smoke Alarm

These devices watch over your home when you’re away.
A woman holds a cat in front of stacked moving boxes.

How to Move With Pets

Simple steps to help your cat or dog stay calm during a move.
A kid lays in the water on a slip and slide on a hot day.

How to Stay Safe During Extreme Heat

Prepare your family, pets, and community for dangerous temperatures.